On the safe side

We are nearly there. We had Brexit. The school mock election provides the girls with a little taste of what real life leadership selection is like. Then we had to deal with The Donald, I remember my 10 year old was… Read More ›

Humanising history

What a fresh breath of air listening to Prof Yemi Osinbajo views on Biafra. I especially like that he started by relating to his school mates who went home during the war and never came back. He talked about how we… Read More ›

Good Guy Persona

There are a few key words we recognise all too well in Nigeria, ‘good guy’ ‘the religious one’ ‘the  tribal loyal’ – these are words that should make one comfortable thinking the other person is really who the people think… Read More ›

Health tourism

Last month was a news report of how OAU Ile Ife teaching hospital medical staff are working really hard to change the views that many people have of our local hospitals saying they had successful 14 open heart surgeries in 2016. Bottom line was… Read More ›