I was over a mile away before realising my phone had slipped through the cracks between the front basket of my bike, it was placed with a bottle of water in a cloth pouch, I thought I had tightened the end but… Read More ›

Duck eggs

If I had a kobo for every myth I was fed growing up, I’d have plenty of it by now. Debating with adults with reasons makes them nervous as it is often mistaken for questioning authority. There is a tale of vultures (Igun) as forbidden… Read More ›

Minister of Common Sense

It is hard to ignore Senator Ben Murray-Bruce speeches, not because he was saying anything  new but because public officials in his position seldom talk about fundamental issues. I think his proposal of Minister of Common Sense to be incorporated in all… Read More ›

Mrs Marcus Bulk

Such a nice feeling to receive an email from the ‘bank,’ an assurance that means my inheritance is protected from corrupt bank managers. ……………….. I am Mrs Marcus Bulk, . “In accordance to my religious persuasion, I felt expedient to write and inform… Read More ›