Cerebral Palsy

The story of Oluwalonimi (Nimmy) is hard to ignore, the first question that popped to my mind after reading the story was, where are the parents of this child? Nimmy is a 4 year old girl with cerebral palsy. Nimmy’s… Read More ›

Health tourism

Last month was a news report of how OAU Ile Ife teaching hospital medical staff are working really hard to change the views that many people have of our local hospitals saying they had successful 14 open heart surgeries in 2016. Bottom line was… Read More ›

Maternal healthcare

The case of Jessica Ugwuoke exposes the ugly truth of healthcare in Nigeria. Here is a woman who has being in a maternity home to give birth, after two days of being in labour was rushed to Medical Director of Samaria Hospital, Lagos. By… Read More ›