A Yoruba Monarch

Ajala of our time

Our new royal father enjoys travelling, I have no problem with that. People who finds joy within and outside of their palace seldom have time to dwell on little things or cause people in their community needless grief. Having said… Read More ›


One way to enhance understanding of Yoruba language is by  listening to stories during events, also by paying attention to the usage of words – stories often have sayings/adages that lead listeners to a whole other stories – they work… Read More ›

Between honour and wealth

In  Yoruba language one can pretty much make up any names one desires based on objects, beliefs or fantasies by combining words or letters, tonal marks on letters are to guide readers of the meaning. This post is about Yoruba language translation… Read More ›

Taming aggression

Trigger happy people are nightmare to anyone around them as they are always ready kill, loot and burn.   Naturally, Wednesday fight in Ife caught my attention after all we are the closest pals. From all different variations of the story that… Read More ›

Royal stool

Nationally, Nigeria is one big house of drama. One thing that I have realised lately is that while there is no shortage of outbursts from citizens on issues that we are not happy with, a lot is going on regionally… Read More ›

Awon t’emi

Awon t’emi = My people. I know that one day my people who are at the receiving end of social injustice will learn to speak up when their voices were required the most. This BattaBox video clip is well done, not for the… Read More ›


  In the middle of all many Nigeria wahala; plenty of them: President Buhari disappointing people with approving lower naira to dollar exchange rate for Mecca pilgrims, this in a country where beggars are at record high even in our southern towns…. Read More ›

Fairness is justice

Beyond the obvious cash remittance to Nigeria is the diaspora’s contribution to enlightening and encouraging families and friends back home. This, I believe is not because being in diaspora automatically gives anyone smart pills, rather because many have seeing how doing things… Read More ›