Trying times

It was only two months ago we were hit. My girls talked about the school reinforcing that we must not be cowed – life must go on. We talked about it at home and watched videos encouraging people not to give in to fear. Kids tend to be okay if adults around are.

This time again with higher casualties, any lives taken away through act of terror is sad but to target children?

We have a discount leaflet for an indoor event as something to do sometimes next week during the midterm. I could not help but think perhaps we should avoid crowded areas for a little while. And I am the one that’s supposed to be strong, need to try harder.

Radio chats about Monday night attack are slightly different from that of two months ago, everyone is upset and want assurance. This evening some callers are pointing fingers to clues to spotting terrorists, other callers spend most of the time isolating religion from it.

Security in town now is quite noticeable, which should be enough assurance to make anyone relax, but somehow I can’t stop thinking this is a reminder of the time we live.

Prayers and thoughts to the families and friends of those whose lives were cut short and those recovering at the hospital.

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  1. Dear Folakemi,

    And to think, according to today’s news reports, the latest Islamic terrorist massacre has led to the discovery that there are 23,000 – yes, twenty-three thousand terrorists – waiting in England, is chilling.

    Now, to have little kids, who though, may not know about this new finding but are aware of the successively-high death tallies AS WELL AS KNOWING THAT YOUNG KIDS WERE KILLED in their quest to watch a favorite singer perform cannot but unsettle your little ones and others like them about the danger. They may not say so but they cannot but internalize all these religion-driven mayhem and bloodletting that aim for maximum carnage at public places.

    I wonder, though, how those who have been to Syria, Pakistan should be allowed to return; does not sound politically-correct but how long must all these killings and destruction to lives and properties go on before common sense is employed?

    Right now, Saudi Arabia, the land of the brand of Islam that breeds terrorism is basking in having convinced the USA that Iran, is behind “all the problems in the region”, i.e. the Middle East.

    Even in Nigeria far from the THEATER of Europe, and not counting Boko Haram, the Madrass-type teaching that has fueled Islamic extremism elsewhere, has spread extremism.

    Time was when Christians and Muslims in SW Nigeria dwelt in peace and harmony; that is fast disappearing.

    As long as the Saudis continue to be able to walk away from reigning extreme teachings that lead to the goal of taking lives to avenge or find favor with Allah, suicide bombers would continue to multiply.

    A more moderate of Islam as practised in places like Iran would go a long way towards contAining Islamic extremism. While Iran does have its own burden, the fact is: its brand of the Holy Islamic religion is not known to have produced any of the suicide bombings that have left killings and carnage in Europe, America … for many years.

    Kids are growing bup in really “trying times”, but with counselling that is available in your part of the world, a bit of the wound may be removed but not the scars.

    Thanks for this forum.


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    • Thank you so much for the contribution.

      In a way I like that people are talking and sharing views now including the ones once deemed too sensitive to reference, this has lead to firing a popular radio show host just so people can concentrate on facts as opposed propaganda.

      I have stopped listening to radio as conversations are just too heated. My kids have no idea about Muslims vs the rest of the world until the Westminster event and they talked about couple of kids who identify as muslim, I had to explain to them as best as I could. There is absolutely no physical way of isolating people based on religion in the school, not even amongst the parents – thank God for that.

      Talking about SW Nigeria, you know this is why I so much respect your opinion, no good hiding from our realities. All these wahala around makes me think of home too, the way I was raised and how things are gradually changing. All in the name of religion.
      People having their strong opinion on their preferred religion is not what bothers me but someone sitting down in our region following horrible hate preachings from someone in the UK/Saudi Arabia – I actually followed a few links and it is awful.

      I read a book by a Kaduna guy last year ‘Born on a Tuesday’, this is a book I would recommend to all in the south especially the Muslims – it follows a story of a young lad and the hidden stories of Islam in Nigeria that we don’t hear about, the Saudi funding for mosques/atrocities.


  2. These are the times and they will eventually pass. If we could only get at the root cause and do some preventive measures. It is so heart breaking that so many children lost their lives.

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  3. Fola a fi ki Olorun o sanu fun wa. It is so sad to see this mindless bombing and terror.

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  4. It was terrible to news to hear about this happening at ‘home’ (United Kingdom), and I am grateful to hear your take on it and how it is viewed by your daughters..
    It is will require a lot of skill not lock your children away to keep them safe, but then again to allow them freedom to discover themselves and ‘experience life’. I’m sure you will handle the task.
    My thoughts and prayers go to the victims of the attack.

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