Beware of those with nothing to lose

A man who thinks killing of other human beings over a small dispute has nothing to lose is hardly difficult to identify especially when they conveniently turning street violence into avenue to vent about politics.

Regardless of the identities of Ile Ife casualties, an arguably simple disagreement between three adults that leads to the loss of many lives should be treated as criminal activity. Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK) thinks this is the best time to praise those that were involved and reminded people how strong and prepared these youths were – this is a reasoning of a public figure who has in the past served as Minister of Culture and Aviation at different times – adagbà má kúrò láròbó (a grown man with a reasoning of a toddler).

Shame on FFK for referencing Modakeke/Ife crises in his articles 1 & 2 something that sounds very much like chest-beating peculiar of people who have lost nothing in the crises, therefore quick to think violence is the only answer for all disputes.

Whoever has a sliver of interest in Ife and of course commonsense would never think of praising violence, those that lost either family members, homes or livelihoods to the crises don’t wish similar event on their worst enemy – clearly FFK has nothing to lose.

To turn this recent event into Yoruba Vs Hausa/Fulani fight – how does that even make any sense? How is a neighbourhood fight about assault on a woman relates to herdsmen grazing? How is this event related to Southern Kaduna killings of christians is beyond me. I don’t see how this is the same thing with Bridget Agbaheme in Kano last year either.

This is the problem we have in Nigeria where unresolved issues are accumulated so we wait patiently for a trivial one and so we could display full-blown anger.

Here is the revealing part, most of the comments on FFK’s articles have nothing to do with Ife. They are emotional outbursts about the need for Yoruba to break away. This is clearly what the writer wants to achieve,  so why don’t we pursue this separately?

If Yoruba is to break away from the rest of the country, why do we have to start from Ife, a town that has witnessed civil unrest for the last 3 decades? And why can’t we start with a plausible social problem such as herdsmen grazing that many people can relate with?

And if we must start killing the ‘others’ to show our grievances – why can’t FFK (because he loves Ife so much) starts his “Operation Deliver Yoruba’ from his own neighbourhood ( he has no home in Ife) where his family and properties can be the first targets.

Illusion of ownership

Throughout both articles, there is this inflated sense of entitlement being promoted. This is a national problem that will never go away unless the government and progressive thinking citizens find a way to deal with it squarely.

I don’t understand how anyone could think setting up his own home/town on fire is a thing of pride.

The way things work at home means royal fathers’ influence is quite noticeable when we have crisis like this one. I am not too bothered about FFK’s take on this, I prefer to listen to what Ooni Ogunwusi has to say. He has been consistent with his words of working to restore lasting peace in the land.

In his interview with Ben TV a few days ago, Ooni Ogunwusi repeated the same sentiment that he has been known for in the past one year, we have seen the other side, now we know we are all better off when we unite for progress.

The relevant part of this video is 2 mins long, between 0:50 to 3:20

One very important thing that Ooni Ogunwusi mentioned in the Youtube video at 2:25 is where he stated that Hausas have been in Ife for centuries. Also that many were born and raised there. This is the part of history that people prefer to forget, thankfully we have a Kabiesi who is honest and courageous enough to say this.

Where do we want people to go if this place is all that they have known all their life?

Ooni Ogunwusi as seen online is presently in the UK with many people around him visiting many places in town. I hope those who are visiting the UK for the first time among the entourage can note how diverse the UK is. And realise that if say London for example has to be burned down for every little disagreement, who is the Kabiesi going to see here?

Ancestral home/land only worth the pride and glory where peace is given a chance over violence.

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