Good Guy Persona

There are a few key words we recognise all too well in Nigeria, ‘good guy’ ‘the religious one’ ‘the  tribal loyal’ – these are words that should make one comfortable thinking the other person is really who the people think he or she is. However, when it comes to Nigeria public office holders, more often than not, the ‘good guy’ persona is learned.

The way I see this is that during the process of initiation into this Good Guy Persona, the first thing that happens is that their heart is removed and replaced with concrete and sand in place of the brain.

How else can one explain this case of Andrew Yakubu, the former NNPC Group Managing Director? He started working as a General manager in 2006 and then promoted to the MD and CEO. Sacked from the post in 2010 as GEJ wanted more ‘technical person’, and we were blessed with Diezani Alison  same difference.

On February 3rd, EFCC raided Andrew Yakubu’s spare house in Kaduna, during the raid $9.2M and £74,000 cash was recovered from a safe – this guy was only in the post for less than four years. He is just one person.

After the uproar, we will all calm down both online and on ground. His successor, Diezani Alison has a similar case of corruption on her, now she has cancer and being treated in London (where else could it be?) – they always all suffer from life threatening illnesses after they are found out.

This one too, Andrew Yakubu, going by his recent photos online likely going to need medical attention for his BP and testicular cancer – God forgive me, but these people are low lives, they sure think their own lives should be our priorities when they have wasted so many lives due to their greed.

Why did this guy chose to save raw cash in a house in low income neighbourhood? Well, the last few years have being tough for them carrying big cash to stash abroad, now it is tougher to buy properties in western cities without a proof of the source. So their only option was to continue stealing and keep it within the country.

It is the same reason we have loads of petrol stations littered our small towns today without any real justifications – they just can’t help themselves.

This is the thing, why would anyone store this much cash without investing it, even a simple savings account would have yielded something significant monthly – I actually think there should be a special punishment for being daft.

And of course this seems to be the only way as the act can be kept secretive.

Not too surprising, Andrew Yakubu is one of the ‘good guys’ at NNPC, according to many Nigerians, of course he is. I read he is a Christian from Southern Kaduna – between December last year and January alone, hundreds of people close to him were killed in another religious rift.

Yes, he is a good guy, I bet he has a special envelope for tithe and offerings.

At Andrew Yakubu’s 60th last year, the first testimony for being a good guy was that ‘he is a true Christian…’

After all these years and the ‘true Christians’ and ‘honest Muslims’, I am sure Nigeria can do better with less emphasis on person’s faith in deciding who to trust to hold important post.

I am not holding my breath that President Buhari will do us proud, if he did, great, if not, we all know that there is no end in sight to this saga.

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  1. Well his public relations crew, certainly know how to portray him in a positive light. I will say this, he apparently does have a good side, but more importantly one has to take such accolades from Nigerians about another Nigerian with an oil tanker (not a grain or a pinch) of salt.
    The theft or money that could not be legally accounted for makes the video look silly. Even worse that he is from southern Kaduna where people are fighting for resources, the little that is diverted towards southern Kaduna he and a few others stash it way. I wonder how many people have died due to the conflict raging there and were not able to receive adequate medical treatment due to lack of funds? Some of which lay dormant in people’s houses within the same state, that could have been used to save their lives!!
    This shows that for all Nigeria’s pious persona, they are no more moral or upright than those who don’t portray themselves as such. Being overtly religious has not made Nigeria any better off than those countries that take a calmer and more balanced view to religion.
    Falsehoods and fronts are all too apparent there, Engineer Andrew Yakubu is a case in point, but he is not untypical of the elite and aspiring elite. This begs the question, what are all his friends and colleagues who participated in the video really like?


    • Hahaha ‘… one has to take such accolades from Nigerians about another Nigerian with an oil tanker (not a grain or a pinch) of salt.’

      Well, Andrew Yakubu’s friends and colleagues likely to be beneficiaries of the ill gotten fund. This is why it is hard to believe anyone when the only thing they have to offer in the first instance is their faith (we’ve heard that a zillion times).


  2. I like the way you creatively wrote about this issue. I just don’t get it… It sounds like an attempt at suicide keeping that much money stacked away in a house. Or should I say a heart that is blind and wicked. Like a colleague said why won’t we have recession in Nigeria! It is just so annoying.

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  3. I hear you, Fola. These guys can’t their hands out of the public coffers. Where oh where is a decent politician?
    If they only realized the good they could do with ever so little effort and they would be remembered for that.

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