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Nationally, Nigeria is one big house of drama. One thing that I have realised lately is that while there is no shortage of outbursts from citizens on issues that we are not happy with, a lot is going on regionally that are being swept under the carpet. When regional leaders are left to their devices, they later become our national representatives by which time they are completely deaf to citizens outcry – maybe it is to our advantage to pay a bit of attention locally.

Take for example the case of Oluwo of Iwo – the drama going on with Oluwo of Iwo and his neighbour, Iwo Oke. Theirs is not the first time royal families would throw words to one another due to power tussle. However, this particular case is different, I believe it is one that new king of Iwo owes us explanation.

The gist of the story – allegedly, Oba Abdurasheed Akanbi of Iwo, prior to being crowned as the new king in 2015 has served time in prison in both USA and Canada for advance fee fraud. Oba Iwo Oke accused Oba Akanbi on the ground that people with such questionable character should not be allowed for such a prestigious position in Yorubaland.

One wonders why simple background checks was not done on Oba Akanbi before he was selected to be the king.

Osun state magistrate in turn ordered that Oba Abdurasheed Akanbi to appear in court to clear his name. Long story short, he did not honour the court order.

So a few days ago I read that former president Obasanjo and governor Aregbesola worked together to ensure the case against Oba Abdurasheed Akanbi is withdrawn from court – no explanation given.

I don’t have anything to say about Baba Obasanjo – he is one of those elders who continue to meddle with issues just to stay relevant, he is most of the time on the other side of anything that benefits the public. When, they think children of nowadays have no respect for elders – why would we respect an elder who assume their opinion is better than millions of us?

Now why did Aregbesola join OBJ on this? I don’t know Oba Akanbi, but the allegation against him is quite serious, wouldn’t it be good if the state supports the effort of the court to get Oba to clear his name?

Not clearing his name with substantial evidence simply means forever, Oba Akanbi’s name will be ‘Yahoo, yahoo Oba’ and Aregbesola being the sitting governor who authorised the coronation will be forever remembered for the cover up.

I had actually thought Oba Abdurasheed Akanbi would do us all the favour of appearing in court to tell us his own version of the story.

Oba Akanbi being a returnee from Canada should know better, if there’s one thing that Nigerians are labelled for around the world is the advance fee fraud, many people only get to know the country due to numerous emails of a supposed wealthy politician who was killed in a plane crash and his only son Prince and of course the offer of a cut of the wealth if their victim allows the prince to launder money through their account – I can’t even believe any serious person would not dash to the court to clear their name being associated  with such offence.

As Nigeria stands today, traditional Obas are still influential locally, they are often quite heavily involved with politics, people tend to trust the Obas as there are assumptions that they have their best interest at heart.

Being a king is honourable, however one of the reasons respect for royal families dwindles by the day is the assumption that we are still back in dark ages, today a lot more is expected. Respect should be reciprocal, a leader who desires royal lifestyle should at least earn the trust of the people.

If we think our judicial system must be better nationally, locally we need to allow them to do their job too. Osun magistrate had threatened strike if they were prevented to get Oba Akanbi to stand in court to clear his name, fingers crossed for them.

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  1. Hi FK
    Even if Oba Abdurasheed Akanbi wrote a letter, he was not convicted of fraud once, but twice in two separate independent jurisdictions (that are widely recognised to be less flawed than that of Nigeria’s). Oba Akanbi undoubtedly would have been given an opportunity to clear his name in both countries (USA and Canada) and whatever he said was not enough to counter the evidence that had been stacked against him. Letter or no letter, the man is unfit for position he seeks. If he feels he is innocent then he should have appealed the sentences during the time frame.

    Why Governor Aregbesola and former President Obasanjo backed him, says that in their eyes there is one rule for some and another for others. It shows you must be wary with all political figures.

    People are fond to vent their fury on Abuja, but the day to day living is determined locally, but that is conveniently forgotten and the state governors direct all the blame to the centre. People should wake up and hold their local leaders to account.

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    • Thanks jco. You are right that Oba Akanbi is unfit for the position of an Oba if the allegations were true.

      Very true about the governor and former president actions. I am not even sure why we have judiciary when they are not allowed to do their job properly.


  2. Sadly you speak the truth – Nigerians are labelled as instigators of frauds of this type. I know because my Zimbabwean family mention it regularly. And I’m afraid that I’m very wary of Nigerian involvement in scams because I often get strange ‘money to be made’ / ‘bank loan’ emails that lead back to Nigeria when traced 😦 Fortunately the wording of the emails is usually a dead give-away for the intended fraud.

    Your posts tell me that there are lots of good people in your country – I hope they will rise to the fore in government and improve how Nigeria is seen from afar.

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  3. It is true the king are sacred cow.The king should have written a letter to to the magistrate clearing his name on the issue. Shikenah!

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  4. Dear Folakemi,

    Thanks for tackling this.

    Unfortunately, many scammers populate the ruling classes of today’s Nigeria: political and social, and it’s all due to the huge role that money plays in the affairs of the country. I have no statistics but it’s well-known that many such are “lawmakers” at state and national levels today, thanks to the oodles of money they ship from the Western world where they plied their trade before joining the biggest gravy train on earth: Nigerian politics.

    The “godfathers” who propel politicians to elective offices are scammers – of advanced fees sorts – too because they demand huge sums from those interested in running for offices before they put those “applicants” forward.

    Meanwhile, those wishing to become traditional rulers – in some cases – are also “returnees”: from jails or taking long walks from the Law in good old USA, Britain, et cetera.

    Who do they turn to when a vacancy opens up for traditional rulership? Those at the top POLITICALLY because, bizarre it may be, the state, social institution and, to a great extent, and the Church have become one in an unholy triangle all united for nothing beyond bilking the system and impoverishing the poor. Governors – since colonial rule when the British weakened the royal institution for their gain even though to this day they not only preserve theirs but rams it down the world’s collective throat – as successors to the D.Os (District Officers) of old, decide which candidate would be enthroned

    Oh, yeah, I know: Ifa divination …

    As long as money rules and reigns and whoever has the most cash to share to modern-day king-makers (at least in Yorubaland because the institution remains saner in the North), and gets the ears of a state governor, wins.

    The institution – like most things in Nigeria these days – has been so debased not only by cash-and-carry processes but also by the same politicians (governors) becoming the real kingmakers, if truth be told.

    At Osogbo in Osun State right now is an “Ataoja” who was single-handedly installed ON A PUBLIC HOLIDAY by a state governor (no, not Aregbesola but his predecessor, Oyinlola), a man who has been asked to step down by a court of law in the state but he has refused and has appealed to the Appeal Court where his case has gone into limbo.

    Why does he not belong on the throne?

    The man has no known ancestor who was ever an Ataoja; his ancestors’ closest link to the Ataoja Throne was as ONI KAKAKI – a trumpeter – for an Ataoja but the PDP ruling government ensured the man became Ataoja!

    What more is there to say?


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    • Totally agree with the state inappropriate meddling with traditional rulers. I am aware of Oyinlola’s time and how he wasted limited resources on Osun royal families but that Ataoja’s case is new to me, isn’t that something? – thanks for sharing that.

      And in the last few years the number of Obas created by Aregbesola has gotten quite silly especially in a state that struggle to pay workers.

      We are watching how Oba Akanbi.


  5. I too have received a letter from someone in Nigeria about this advanced fee fraud. So this guy was behind one of these schemes? How can he command respect from anyone with this hanging over his head?

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