Money ritual killers sentenced

Apart from jungle justice whereby perpetrators get dragged into the streets to have a taste of their own medicine, I can not recall anytime in recent times that a ritualist has ever been duly prosecuted in Nigeria.

I am elated for Jacob Ajayi’s family that at least they can have some sort of closure on his case. The story goes that Mr Ajayi’s body was found severed in a septic tank somewhere in Ilesa.

“…the headless body of the victim was later recovered from a septic tank with his genitals and other parts of his body missing.”

When it comes to human body rituals, body parts missing means they were removed for sacrifice purposes and in turn someone somewhere has been promised of enormous wealth due to this.

How does this even make any sense in 2016? Well, the murderers have their gullible clients, the sad part is that they often get away with killing unsuspecting victims, so the money making-medicine man often had nothing to loose.

The four criminals were all given 14 years jail time and death sentence by Osun State High Court presided by Justice Kudrat Akano – I didn’t even know death sentence is still a thing in the SW.

I hope in the coming days we have more information leading up to the death of Mr Ajayi.

According to Punch Newspaper, this case happened in 2012, it must have been such a long journey for the family to get justice in 2016. Maybe Ajay can finally rest in peace now.

Now I wonder if this case is related to the recent clip going round about money ritual as discovery of the ritual den was around the same time, nonetheless I think this is a great development to show people killing innocent humans for money is criminal. The clip shows how these human parts money ritual works, often in an isolated piece of land to avoid attention.

I hope Osun State will continue to oust these criminals within.

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