Who has the last laugh?

President Buhari travels thousands of miles to meet with the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. The purpose of the visit according to Nigeria newspapers was amongst other things, to seek for help in dealing with millions of IDPs in the northeast of the country.

Needless to say, President Buhari is aware quite alright that Ms. Angela Merkel is a woman, I bet if the lady asks him to do 20 toadjump before she listens to him, he would oblige with no slight hesitation so long as he knew help its way. When we seek for other people to clean our mess, we don’t always care what is between their legs.

Just to get this straight. President Buhari is spending 3 days or so in Germany asking a woman to help with Nigeria problems that was largely created by Nigeria men – I hope President Buhari is laughing at his own joke now.

I am sure very soon President Buhari will have the chance to meet with the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May and if all goes well for Mrs Clinton of USA in November, President Buhari will have a chance to literally lick sanders of three powerful women in the western world.

I can’t wait for that to happen.

President Buhari’s comment about his wife, Mrs Aisha Buhari belonging to the Kitchen and ‘the other room’ was upsetting to put it mildly. This is not because President Buhari said these words, (not that hard to see his overview of women). It would have been inappropriate in any public settings so long he is the president. That he made this comment about his wife while sitting beside another female world leader is complete nonsense.

I hope his five young girls realise whatever their father says about women is the exact way he views them – only good in kitchen to guide the cooks, living room decor and perfect dolls for the other room.

What is different between Nigeria and other countries where women have risen to the top in different fields is the fact that all children regardless of their gender are given equal opportunity to learn and find their paths in life.

If Nigeria leaders didn’t waste half of their time coming up with another reason women should be pushed back, Nigeria no doubt will not be in this mess today.

Background of this story was Mrs Buhari’s interview with the BBC on the state of things in Nigeria. Mrs Buhari expressed her views and disappointment on the people around the president and the fact that she is unlikely to campaign with her husband in 2019 if things didn’t improve.

So instead of the president to comment on what his wife said or just refused to comment (which he could do leaving people to make assumptions), he chose to not comment on the issues raised and rather comment on his perceived gender roles.

Not that I really care for the President decisions lately, but this is shameful.

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  1. I only have one word and that’s ‘RIDICULOUS’! He simply wears me out sometimes with his bumbling ways.

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  2. Right now I feel all Nigerians should just shut it about anything goofy Buhari does… We all knew he was like this & still voted him in because we all felt corruption is the biggest problem….. SO!?

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    • Haha, That is true, and it didn’t take more than a few weeks before we realised corruption is as a result of a much bigger problem. But what other option do people have at the time with his opponent?

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      • I had a girlfriend in primary school who later revealed that she merely pretended to be my girl because she knew no other boy will bother her if they knew she was with me. I have always been a big fellow & the rest of the guys assumed I had the strength to go with it. It feels kind of the same with Nigerians & Buhari. Now we married the bully to deal with the ruffians & realized he is an awful lover and terrible husband. We are pining. Why are we complaining when he is dealing with the ruffians we wanted him to deal with?

        All the thieves are in hiding with the money they stole. All the business folks are not investing & getting rid of the naira. They taking their dollars overseas or hiding it. The foreigners are hosting Buhari with empty promises of investing. Who will put money in project the owner loudly says is woefully broke & badly needs hand-out?

        F.O… You will bear witness that I warned of this. But what other option did the people have you ask? I tell you Nigerian were too angry to think straight. Who ever coined the saying, “The devil you know is better than the angle you don’t know,” had their thinking cap on right.

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        • O daa. I hear you. If by ruffians you meant the Judges and other corrupt criminals questioned by the EFCC, I believe well meaning Nigerians aren’t complaining, it will serve the country well if for once some people pay for the misery they caused the people.

          On the ‘devil we know…’ if by this you meant GEJ, oh well the guy could not have done more than one term, I still believe he hated himself for taking the position. It would have been better if Mama Peace was the president, at least we can actually talk about what she did or didn’t do.

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  3. Sai Bàbá was probably confused. What our men refuse to understand is that, women are rising up to be leaders, whether they like it or not.

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    I mean there are Muslims in Southern Nigeria, and in the SW where I come from, none of President Buhari’s educstion and background would utter such a stomach-turning statement in public.


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  5. Dear Folakemi,

    It’s really pathetic, and another clear indication of the need for a weak center as a real federal sytem of government goes because Nigeria is not a nation but an amalgamation of different nationalities with different values.

    Hei, I do not have religion in mind because there are Muslims in Nigeria but while many may harbor Buhari’s type of medieval idea about women, they would constrain such thoughts to be aired, perhaps, in beer parlor circles of males – Donald Trump’s equivalent of LOCKER ROOM BANTER.

    The OTHER ROOM is particularly embarrassing.


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  6. I heard this on the radio today and thought of you.
    President Buhari obviously takes his wife for granted and it appears not too seriously. He has expressed his views in public which is a humiliation for his wife. This could even throw a spotlight on the nature of the relationship between husband and wife, is she not allowed to have thoughts above ‘her station’?

    His views are not unusual amongst men of his age, even worse many younger ones in Nigeria hold such opinions, this shows that Nigerians attitude to women in general is in a bygone era. Some may try to hide behind Nigeria’s two twins of doom (ethnicity and religion), but these views are shared across the board. Until these views are challenged and questioned they will remain and Nigeria will be where it is, with our presidents always running overseas begging for aid/alms in return for ‘good governance and fighting corruption’. Our presidents have been diminished to the role of nothing but a glorified beggar.

    When Boko Haram were being formed did Nigeria seek aid to create them? The government sat back and watch them grow and spread, but now they want the international community to sort out the mess whilst they stood by and preoccupied themselves with other matters. What a joke!!!

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  7. That was a poor attempt to be funny, Fola. If I were his wife I would can him with a rolling pin.

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  1. Who has the last laugh? — AKUAGWU PHILEMON – akuagwuphilemon

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