Against child bride

Sonita Alizadeh’s music video is very powerful and inspiring, makes me think there is hope in the horizon for victims of child bride. Her life’s story is similar to millions of Nigerian girls sold into child marriage. Through the help of her supportive friends, she escaped and now using her music to share her story so other girls can seek help.

I especially like that Sonita’s music is in her local language so the message can out as intended.

Who knows, maybe enough people in northern Nigeria will see this to realise escapees can not be bullied into silence for ever. Eventually, young girls susceptible to this tradition will learn and rebel, I only hope it is sooner than later.


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  1. This is very heart touching!!
    We are an NGO working towards betterment of girl child in India.. Please do visit our page.. ‘’


  2. There is no harm in raising our voices over this act. Hopefully momentum will ‘kick in’ and the practice will be consigned to the history books.

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  3. Sad that child brides still exist. In Chinese culture and traditions of ancient times, child brides are a custom when an unmarried son dies before his time, the family would conduct a marriage of a child to the dead. Such rituals were done and an unsure if rural areas of China still practice it.

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  4. Thanks for this, Folakemi. A very apt and powerful message for Nigeria’s and other countries’ paedophiles masquerading their preying on children in the name of religious practice.


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  5. Fola, that is heart wrenching. I so glad she got away and was able to sing about it.

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