In the middle of all many Nigeria wahala; plenty of them: President Buhari disappointing people with approving lower naira to dollar exchange rate for Mecca pilgrims, this in a country where beggars are at record high even in our southern towns.

So I came across an article about one year anniversary of the late king of Ife, Ooni Okunade Sijuade, with him also going straight to be seated in the right hand of the Nigerian God.

Can it get any messier with Nigeria and the weird way God is portrayed?

All of the quotes attributed to the late king in this article were laughable and blatant lies – why do we do this, I will never understand. When our lives are all lies, then we turn around to complain youths of nowadays don’t respect royal family, elders, and the new addition, clergy – well, maybe because people are tired of people with no moral at all?

This particular bad bits is laughable:

“…late Sijuwade lived well and died well. He was a follower of Christ. I had personal relationship with him when he was alive.  “He was a follower of Christ. He will remove his crown, kneel down and direct all his courtiers out of the vicinity before praying to God.” Former Bishop of Ife Anglican Diocese, Rev. Oluranti Odubogun.

When a statement such as this is altered, the idea is to believe that the deceased is in a safe place somewhere above resting in everlasting peace.

I beg to differ.

With Nigeria christians, the idea is that if one is lucky enough to be born in Nigeria, it means you get away with all your ‘sins’ as Jesus has washed them all away with His blood.

Well the monarch was first of all a Yorubaman, and a king to his people so I am holding on to my belief of Yoruba Afterlife – that is a lot easier to swallow and sweet to imagine.

So if I were to follow comments from Punch Online after the news of Ooni Sijuade’s departure, then I would not say that the king’s life on earth is a life I wish on anyone. Within 24 hours or so 359 comments that were recorded say a lot about what the public thoughts were – the fact that the article with its many colourful comments were deleted says volume – late king’s family can never rest until they erase any hints of truths regarding the late Ooni – shame.

I didn’t read all of the messages at the time but I read enough to be glad the universe is in perfect alignment.

Nigeria christian God forgives easily that is why we are here today, I will just leave the clergy’s remarks where it is.

So I am going to stick with Yoruba belief of Afterlife. The idea is that those that spent their years on earth following their selfish plans with no thoughts of how their actions affected others will be treated with a taste of their own medicine when they reached afterlife.

How did Yoruba ancestors know Nigeria will grow to be land where justice is scarce today? They indeed have foresights.

There is a likelihood of Oba Sijuade sitting next to MKO Abiola (that should be so fun) and thousands of Ife and Modakeke people who were unjustly killed, now it feels good to imagine how these folks in afterlife reacted to the king’s arrival last year.

According to Yoruba belief of Afterlife, Ooni Sijuade will not come back to life given his records of the last 35 years. That’s a relief.

Well, am I ever going to stop talking about Ooni Sijuade and his negative impacts on our communities? Never. Because our people don’t read enough so we keep falling into the same pit over and over again.

How else are we going to appreciate the work of the new Ooni Ogunwusi in pulling the two communities together if we forget that less than two years ago, people still get killed on their way to villages?

Our stories matter. Maybe we’ve had great kings in history, that is fantastic, the one we witnessed between 1980 and 2015 is not one of them and we will not forget.


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