Osun state hijab: ẹ̀tẹ́ and làpálàpá

We say ‘fi ẹ̀tẹ́ sile, pa làpálàpá ‘ – (ignoring leprosy to seek treatment for eczema, this saying is usually used when a more pressing problems that require everyone’s attention is left unattended and people decided to make noise on issues that should be left to individuals.

While Baptist High School students and their parents allowed themselves to be used by their religious leaders, here’s what concerned Nigerians are saying about education standard in the state and yet the religious leaders who are so concerned about students outlook did not see any cause for protests.

“Im surprised ppl are shocked the rescued “SS 3″ Chibok girl couldn’t speak English. When I served in Osun, they use Yoruba to teach English” The Online Doctor @DrOlufunmilayo.

Nigeria needs many more people like Dr Olufunmilayo, just telling our truth as is.

Standard of education has deteriorated a lot in the our public schools, actually some private schools are worse but parents send their children there for lack of options.

Low standard didn’t start today, it is a gradual consistent downward spiral that started from the 1980’s. This is not in Osun state alone I must add, but b’ina ba j’oni, to jo omo eni, t’ara eni la ko gbon.

If religious leaders were genuinely concerned about the welfare of the students, one could ask why didn’t they stage protests for the low standard of education?

I have read many people talking about bad WAEC results in the state as a result of the new administration. I think this is why Nigeria is terrible about making any changes because we delight in lies too much. I left secondary school in 1991, even at that time WAEC results was terrible and from then it has only gotten worse. Today many students in both private and public schools cheat at ordinary continuous assessment tests, and at WAEC we are all aware of special centres where exam results are handed to students in exchange for hefty fee.

The only losers as far as I know have always been students and in the long run society at large.

Governor Aregbesola said he did not authorise hijab, selected religious leaders now write essays distancing themselves from the trouble makers.

Then who did?

Here is an idea, how about if these students turn around to remind governor Aregbesola of the need to stop spending state fund to support religious pilgrims – be it Jerusalem or Mecca? Northern states that started this waste of limited resources trip are changing, Kaduna has done it and a few others are pledging to stop.

Saving on pilgrim funds can be used to equip the new model schools and get them running. This will directly benefit students.

Secondly, Lagos state government started closing down what they think are illegal religious buildings both churches and Mosques alike to reduce noise pollution, also to allow a bit of orderliness in the state – Osun state needs to do this too, at the moment we have more religious centres than schools/Museums or historical sites all put together.

And yet, the more we impose religious views on others the farther away it seems the country is from God we proclaim to serve – given the state of affairs we can all see.

Getting priorities in the right order is what both the state and religious leaders need.

Hopefully before it is too late both the parents and the students who are being used for needless disruptions would lend their voices in the way that will positively affect their lives here on earth.

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  1. Of course the Chibok girl can not speak English & surprise, surprise…. she was just about to pass her SSCE exams brilliantly before the Boko Haram interruption.

    The truth be said most Nigerians pretend they don’t know how bad things are in our educational system. We take our eyes of the ball to air our political & religious grievances

    FO, you have read “BOKO HARAM: Western Values Are Forbidden” & have an idea of how the Chibok girls were actually nabbed from a WAEC SSCE special centre, sponsored by their parents/guardians & solicited by dubious educational & examination officers.

    Dane Patience Jonathan was the first to stumble into that fact on a NTA New item televised meeting she had with the persons involved with the Chibok girls, including the supposed matron of the girls, who wasn’t a staff of the abandoned school, that has no boarding school facilities. A school which was supposed to be shut for security reasons. Everybody went on & on about how insensitive the first lady was about the missing girls and treated their parents. But to this day it has been swept under the carpet that these girls were collected by Boko Haram in a special SSCE exam centre, where they were assembled to quietly cheat in their SSCE exams after they paid extra for the exams officials to ‘look away’…..

    No one has been charged or prosecuted for that initial crime… Not the ‘Matron’, the exams officers, the credited invigilators, or WAEC officials… no one! They are still at their home with their own daughters while most of the Chibok girls are still missing.

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    • Thank you Egbon Yas. I totally agree with you on the rottenness of our schools and the disdain attitude towards the species centres as if that’s the only way to decent WACE results.

      God, I never knew Chibok girls sch was a SC – how sad that was?

      Agreed, Mama Peace did have some pluses – at least she provoked thoughts…

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  2. Very well said, and hopefully, those with ears to hear, are listening.


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  3. “I think this is why Nigeria is terrible about making any changes because we delight in lie so much.” — Absolutely true and it is heartbreaking.

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