Effect of broken trust

There are quite a number of things I don’t quite understand about the way we go about issues in Nigeria, not because things are all muddled up but because sometimes it appears that instead of facing the problem and work it out, we sometimes stuck in the old rotten way while we keep wishing that the change will happen on its own and everything will be just perfect without actively putting system into place and stick to it.

Nigeria with all its wahala without a doubt has good numbers of trained doctors in different fields. To begin with, it has always baffled me why politicians especially, choose to travel out of the country each time they are sick – even some would choose to go abroad (basically anywhere as long as it is not Nigeria) to do their routine check-ups.

I think this is probably beyond absence specialised Nigeria doctors – even if one can not be found at home, I would think out of the 8,000 doctors between the UK and the US of A alone, there is bound to be at least a few who can treat the president’s ear infection. It is hard to believe none of our teaching hospitals and handful of well-run private hospitals has the right diagnostic machine fit for president’s use.

Mr Buhari come across as someone who is not a high maintenance, he seems comfortable in his skin, and I would think he is patriotic so his medical trip to London isn’t to show off or belittle Nigeria doctors, actually, from my experience in the city, he is very likely to be treated by a Nigerian or someone with Nigeria blood – whispering “baba go slow, you dey hear me?” in London.

I think our politicians insisting on going oversea for medical treatment boils down to complete lack of trust. They are scared of what is really not there and it is just plain silly now. I don’t believe that we can not get a medical team vetted to provide needed care for the president, it is a shame as no one seems to want to take that big leap of faith and just run with the fact that people can be trusted.

Anyway, I wish Baba Go Slow quick recovery but sad that we still have to ré ìsun dà sínú ibú (empty pond into the sea) for politicians’ medicare.

Or what else can be the reason for addictive medical tourism?


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  1. Another useful post that offers me insights into the medical scheme in Nigeria. The same goes for countries such as Indonesia or Cambodia. They do come to our lil red dot for medical treatment. I guess they do not trust the capabilities of their own doctors 😊

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  2. Broken trust, my President? LOL. No comments on this one.

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  3. FK, you are developing “x-ray” vision. The president’s press officers can no longer ‘pull the wool over your eyes’. Nice commentary.

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  4. Thanks, Dear Folakemi.

    It is indeed beyond shame that a supposed ear infection would require a 2-week oversea trip. Worse, it’s supposedly going to be beyond the stated time but worst and most irresponsible AND go-to-hell-so-what of all is the fact that this trip is being justified in the Nigerian usual way of who-is-never-sick pedestrian way?

    The president made it known such would be a thing of the past and news reports carried it that no more oversea treatments. If the man has an infection, one would expect – at the very worst – that a top-notch ENT expert to be flown in but it already seems open season, again, for a man we all trusted to revert to the default mode of Nigerian rulers.

    Do I, personally believe he’s suffering from an ear infection that became too much to understand and handle by Nigerian medicos? A BIG NO? Do I feel there’s something being hidden from Nigerian citizens?

    A BIG ‘YES’.

    President Buhari, it’s already seeming we hardly knew ye despite what we believed.


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    • I agree with your line of thoughts. I think in general we have underestimated how little trust we have in one another across the country. Aren’t we all human, I will never understand why true state of health is always a big secret especially when they are flown to London, of all places – like they can hide forever? Such a big shame.

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  5. BY THEIR FRUITS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM!!! Did Adams Oshiomhole not condemn a Widowed EDO Woman to Go and Die While he went to Marry a
    Pound Sterling Model to Clean him Up.

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    • Well, Oshiuomhole’s case is a bit different from health tourism. I must say that he was at least enough sensible to apologise to the lady, that is more than what many ‘big men’ in Nigeria will ever do to any ‘small’ person. I suppose with ease of online dating and all, it is easier now than ever to meet people from all over the world, in his case Cape Verde’s babe come to the rescue – Escudo is their currency not pounds, I got your points though 🙂

      Good luck to them both.


  6. Many good points there Fola.

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