Organised religion and the need for individual liberation

This is one of the most honest and enlightening talks on religion that I have ever had watched, because it is about one of Nigeria’s major religions, I wish all Nigerians could watch this.

The way people understand and practice religion, as with most things changes with time, people get wiser as they rightly should, hardly any room for progress if inclusiveness of a section of humankind is suppressed just because that was the case in 400 years ago.

As far as Nigeria is concerned, it actually doesn’t matter that this talk is about Islam, it can easily be applied to christianity as well because what we have going on in the country whereby we placed more emphasis on religion more than being human has never benefitted the majority ’till date.

And to have government getting out of their way being biased on religion wasting limited resources by listening to the scholars on what to do – do not benefit the citizens, the only people it benefits were the religious leaders and the ignorant government officials.

12:15 to 16:16 analysed the idea of selective religious scholars’ claim of ‘know all’ brilliantly. I do appreciate and respect amazing works of scholars but the same way I get a second opinion for health issues, I will not rely on one person to make absolute decision on my life when I have the power to read the same texts and see if it suits my needs.

This quote sums it all, I don’t see the need to be defensive about religion where there are plenty of ways to get to the same destination.

“I have to play based on human rights they would say that they stand for human rights as well they just happen to believe islam is the truth as a critic of truth but I do believe Christians and plenty of jews and plenty of other people including atheist who do not believe that their truth, their particular truth is the one and only truth that is available to humankind anybody who believes that is a supremacist a dogma kissed of some kind.”  Irshad Manji 30:58 – 31.24

This 3 minutes is worth the time: 28 – 31

Here’s where the lady in the crowd nodded along to suppression of women’s voices in just about any important decision-making process. I agree with her, it doesn’t kill us to be honest about oppression solely based on gender in the name of religion.

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  1. I do believe the woman the in the video is a Canadian. I do agree with her.

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