One Chibok girl reunited with family

A friend was super excited, she wrote three halleluyahs before expressing her joy that she just heard all Chibok girls have been rescued – Oh well, that is a wishful thinking that most people with blood running through their veins would have wanted.

It was one of the missing Chibok girls, Amina Ali Nkeki – a 19 year old and her four month old child, good news for all.

chibok girl

Looking at Amina’s photo with the Nigeria army officers, almost emotionless. Hope there’s a process in place for proper counselling and healing schedule – just 19 with a baby born in captive, unfair world.

Just thinking about Amina going through pregnancy in the forest gives me a shiver and opens up some puzzling questions – how many of the remaining girls now with a child? According to Amina, out of the remaining 219 in the forest, 6 were killed. Are all the remaining now with a child, and if significant number of them have given birth, how did they get at least some care during pregnancy and childbirth?

I really do hope right questions are asked to lead to rescue of the remaining others and most importantly so our government could learn a lesson or two – it is all well to think poor people are unlucky but when you take the little that could have educated them away, they remain the most vulnerable ones and the cycle continues.

At least Amina’s family have a closure now, hope she receives love and support she undoubtedly needed.

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  1. I am glad all turned out well for this.

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  2. It is so heartbreaking how human beings seem to have disappeared off the surface of the earth. One can only imagine the trauma Amina would have gone through.

    Little girls whose childhood have been stolen from them. Sad…

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  3. That was the sad thought I had – another child born of a child and no father. It’s a positive that they’re safe but not the ideal outcome.

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    • That is inevitable. Actually these girls if not because if the boarding school, they would have had a few kids and change ‘husband’a couple of times while the kids left to beg for alms in the road. States openly sponsor re-marry esp. In Kano. All of these is the residual effect of bigger problem we refused to deal with.

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  4. That was big news here too Fola. I’m so glad the young woman is home now. Let us hope the others will return too.

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  5. I battle with the thought of the girls and all sorts pass through my mind. Some remain. I can relate with her emotionless look and stance, it speaks of one who has been through so much that you are in-between and in betwixt, wondering is there more to this life? A 4-month old baby!? Hmmmm…dem no try o! If nah their pikin and sister dem go happy abi?

    Whilst I overjoyed she’s back, I pray we find the remaining ones too. True talk on guidance and counselling and good support system.

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