For the goodness of Jerusalem and Mecca

I am rejoicing in small baby steps. I know this will take a long time to get people to see, however, it is comforting to see that states are now talking about one of the misplaced priorities Nigeria government has orchestrated for a long time.

Niger governor Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello said his administration will no longer sponsor trips to Hajj and Jerusalem due to insufficient fund.

I don’t think Nigeria as a whole given the state of our schools, roads, hospitals has ever had sufficient fund to warrant state paying for grown adults’ vacations – it would have been a bit better to swallow if our attitude has changed for better since the infamous sponsorship started, too bad the opposite is the case.

Nonetheless, it gives array of hope that more state leaders are now listening and owning up to doing their job here on earth, while leaving the heavenly ones to individuals.

Kaduna state governor, Mallam El-Rufai cancelled state pilgrimage sponsorship late last year saving his state a tidy sum.

I really hope my state governor, Ogbeni Aregbesola is reading all this. I know he has been doing well restructuring primary and secondary schools but it makes no sense whatsoever that the state is struggling to keep up with workers’ salary but yet have money to sponsor tourists to Jerusalem and Mecca.

The whole pilgrimage state sponsorship is bad on so many levels – how could you genuinely pray to God when you knew the money could have educated, fed, treated millions of people?

And given how much money we have wasted on this, is Nigeria after so many years not ‘holy’ enough to have their own prayer ground – especially now that we are crusading ‘Buy Nigeria goods’?

As much as I am excited about this, Vanguard News quoted Alhaji Bello saying for now he will still continue to sponsor government officials to “to meet its obligations to the governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia for a hitch-free pilgrimage.”

What obligations is Alhaji talking about? That we have entered agreement to take food, education and health away from your own people so Mecca/Jerusalem could maintain their own?

Happy anyways that this is out for discussion.

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  1. Hello Folake,

    I love how you muse about these issues with your sense of humour still intact. @ “paying for grown adults’ vacations” cracked me up so much. XD

    Spot on! That’s the only way to describe it, misplaced priorities + propaganda = Nonsense & Ingredient!

    I’m glad that common sense is gradually entering the mentality of those in governance. Such monies would better spend on more impactful projects with tangible benefits.

    Thank you for sharing.

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  2. If the wastage of funds when money flowed did not stop them,may be the loss of trillions to looting finally would!

    Thanks, and regards,

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  3. That is good news, Fola. That has to a big expenditure for the government and education and the well being of the people must come first.

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  4. My President, totally agree, we are holy enough to have our own praying ground. And what is it with spending our dough unnecessarily. I’m glad about those saving money and using it effectively every way they can…I wish others would follow suit.

    How are you?

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    • Queen, we’re on the same page on this one. I suppose others (given it is the people’s money they’re spending) will follow suit if enough citizens make noises against misplaced priorities.

      I dey well, well o. Thanks for asking. How you and Heritage dey well too.

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