Fantastically Brilliant Nigerians

In today’s Nigeria, to be patriotic is to step back and understand that the only way Nigeria has any chance of ‘redemption’ is to kill corruption by all means, and bring many people to book. Anonymity will not do.

Many of the things that have been returned by the corrupt officials are mind-boggling. Yesterday when the British PM said Nigerians are Fantastically Corrupt, some people were offended, many blamed the British for harbouring corrupt politicians – all well and good.

President Buhari agrees PM David Cameron was telling the truth about Nigeria politicians. Here, President Buhari made it clear that there will be jail time for the looters – that’s comforting.

For those Nigerians who have issues with the ongoing EFCC investigation, think about this:  Uganda with population of  39M people had one radiation machine. Bad news, that broke down last month, hence it was on the news. I hope they have fixed it.

(This is not about Uganda, but to put Nigeria corrupt sorry case into perspective.)

Meanwhile, in Nigeria when a public figure (his or her name hasn’t been revealed) was completely bored of their mind, he chose to have one MRI scan at the expense of the public for his own private clinic – what do we say to that?


This is what PM David Cameron said yesterday that prompted the above video, basically to show that DC said what Nigerians are well aware of.


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  1. “We are all here!” And that’s a quote from the bible by the way. Nigeria is corrupt and so is Britain and every other country. But are we leaving up to our grand tales of uprooting these politicians? Let’s see.

    My President, we will always differ on your preference for what the agents of CHANGE are doing. I wish you would explain or write about the things they are not doing well too…like spending our money on flights/trips that are not yielding fruits. I’m on your case now, as the things the former regime was booed for, this one is doing and is being praised for it.

    I rest my case.

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    • Haha, you and bible quotes, but you didn’t provide reference – you know with bible it is never as it seems, events leading to the phrase often times is the most important bits 🙂

      I admire your mannerism especially with Naija politics, I think this is the attitude we must all emulate – to be open minded and be able to work together with people who have different views on important subjects.

      Challenge accepted, actually I have 101 things that Buhari could have done differently – I don’t make excuses for any politician but if we look at the composition of APC today, we have got ourselves with significant number of people defecting so they can be protected from EFCC squad – I pray they are all exposed.

      I read Presido is going to let out some names on May 29th – this will help us a lot to gain insight into what is going backstage – I hope the revelation wouldn’t be one sided.

      Talking about oversea travels – I am not sure why people are talking about this as if looted funds will magically be returned without efforts from a trusted president, most of the travels I have seen Buhari making are absolutely essential. In contrast, our dear egbon Jona spent time and limited resources funding religious junkies to Isreal and Mecca.

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      • You know I won’t ‘fight’ you on this. Since you feel the trips are essential, I won’t argue, cos I know when you realise something is wrong, you will say it out loud and clear…that much I can count on you for!

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        • Haha, you trust me that much? :). With our leaders, I believe it is essential we keep them on their toes, hopefully things will start working for greater good in our lifetime.

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          • But Paul cried with a loud voice, saying, Do thyself no harm: for we are all here. – Acts 16:28. However, you look at it, everyone was present in that jail room, the good, the bad and the ugly. Keeping them on their toes, I agree. Mecca, Hajj and Israel flights were there before GEJ came on line. I’m trying not to discuss this matter with you, as I am not a politician, but one with the #WordsOfAConcernedNaijaWoman

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            • Haha, but this is really not about GEJ, it is about the needless waste of limited resources. I suppose during GEJ is the first time that southern Christians got on board like no other time, thankfully we are able to see via social media. Being a commander in chief is tough, one must not work to please the few self-interested ‘advisors’ but to see through them. OBJ’s time and agriculture is the same, most of the ‘farmers’ help’ with free fertilisers are mostly to the north, his farm and large scale farmers – subsistence farmers that are in majority had no chance. Residual effect is what we see now.

              Hehe Queen for not being politician, neither am I but if our adults whose lives are affected by govt decisions can put effort into it like you do, we will undoubtedly be in better place.

              E ni nice weekend

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              • Another reason you have my vote! Probably was trying to please his people and you know e no easy to please naija dem. Hmmm, another reason why I won’t make a good politician. My mouth will not be well-received. Twale!!!
                Thank you my sister. Enjoy your weekend too. Shebi you love my scripture sha 😉

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    • Hi Frances,

      Lol @ “We are all here”

      Two thieves were drinking beer and goat meat pepper soup in a bar, whilst they munched and sipped, they engaged in light-hearted banter. One man said to the other one “Ah, you are a thief”

      Did he lie? Does the fact that he himself is a thief negate the fact that the other man is also a thief?

      No, it doesn’t. What it is, is what it is, regardless. 😀

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      • What is, is!
        My President knows me not to called a spade, a hoe.
        I’m saying let’s deal with corruption from the roots, no matter the party it has taken residence in. It’s time we are known for something else…like I said FK, understands my ‘agro’ on this matter and its got nothing to do with pampering corruption or exposing it.

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  2. Great Nigerians! Greeeeat!!! Hmmn how do we uproot and burn up this corruption tree that has spread its tentacles in our national life? We are definitely going to need many axes cutting down the tree from every side. Are we really serious about getting rid of corruption? Seriously i am appalled by what i see all around us. Leaders and citizens…we are all guilty as charged. Each one should clear his/her own background and then we can all together rid ourselves of corruption. That been said…i believe no country is really free of corruption…na levels different and of course great mechanisms are putting in place to check excesses.

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    • Agreed ‘Bisi – our ‘level’ pass levels o. Maybe at individual levels we need real clean up but in reality what helps other countries is strict enforcement of law for all followed by appropriate punishment for all perpetrators.
      I have seen a politician going to jail for expense claim of a few thousand £s, in Nigeria such a person is a saint.

      Let’s hope this momentum will yield positive results for the benefit of us all.


  3. This should be kept in context, the comment by David Cameron was made intentionally to deflect attention away from the heated BREXIT debate (about Britain leaving the European Union).

    The Prime Minister’s comments came from an outsider’s perspective, he has access to the findings of the ‘Foreign and Commonwealth Office’ not to speak of the ambassador who is stationed in Nigeria and his personal observations of the shenanigans of the political and upper echelons of society there. So such a comment is based on fact, not wishful thinking.

    It is unfortunate that Nigeria has been publicly ‘dissed’ by the PM, but that is the least one can expect when the ruling class have so rubbished the name of the country so completely that all and sundry feel free to poke fun at Nigeria’s expense.

    Buhari is trying, but this is relatively short term and no ‘big fish’ have been scooped up and prosecuted and flung into prison. The real test of this campaign can only be seen after he leaves office, whether it will sustained or will it be ‘back to business as usual’.

    I have stated in the past that Nigeria has now been reduced to the level that countries like Afghanistan (that have had an ongoing civil war for at least 30 years) inhabit, the PM confirmed that.

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    • Agree that was a perfect distraction for the British people who have for the past few weeks grilling him on Brexit. And people indeed fell for it.

      You are right on the comparison. I heard a British/Afgan guy on the radio yesterday talking about the level of corruption in Afghanistan, I actually thought he was talking about Nigeria initially.

      I believe Buhari is trying too, corruption has gone to every fibre of society. I am hopeful that he’ll get some corrupt people to get us started.


  4. It’s a fantastically corrupt Country. Let’s call a spade what it is!

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  5. David Cameron is a fine one to speak. There is a lot of corruption in the UK too.

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  1. We should care enough – Folakemi

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