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Many things that continue to go unchallenged in Nigeria make no sense, one need not think too hard to see how corruption has perforated the framework of our society so much so that politicians or anyone in position of power are not the ones to carry the blames for all the wrong doings but the people who for some reasons decided to defend the indefensible.

Nigeria is a joke.

Nigerians are energised when all blames were thrown to the west as the ones who for tidy fees harbour the loot our politicians hide in their lands.


In the wake of Panama papers, not too surprising that Nigerian politician names were mentioned, what other country in Africa would hate its own kind this much?

What I found most revealing wasn’t the names that were mentioned, it was the reactions of Nigerians, the ‘foot soldier’ activists who are completely blinded  and would stop at nothing but to defend the looters for whatever reasons.

This guy is the most annoying and shameless journalist that ever existed:

Saraki Is Not The Only Thief In Politics – Dele Momodu: Publisher of Ovation.

Dele Momodu made so many other utterances that are too depressing to even copy. When a public figure with thousands of followers on social media thinks this way, it is dangerous as my people rarely check facts.

The reason for all this fuss was because Ogagun Bukola Saraki, senate president has a case to answer at the court for not giving full disclosure of his assets when he assumes office as SP. People dug dipper to find out that many of his foreign properties were not disclosed, this case has been going on for months, no end in sight.

So now with the Panama exposé of offshore accounts, Saraki as the almighty senate president and other like-minded fellas want to make amendment to the Code of Conduct Bureau/Tribunal law/1 – CCT/CCB law – basically to maintain the impunity that politicians have always enjoyed.

Yes, a new low to Nigeria.

A guy on Punch Newspaper whom I believe represents many in Nigeria has this to say:

“the question is why only Saraki. Im not against his prosecution but was Saraki the only gov. in 2003 and 2011 who declared asset. Did CCB examine and exonerate all other governors? That is why Nigeria will not move forward .Selective prosecution of political enemies by powers that be.”

If I were to respond to this guy, (I did not as better that way) I would have said, that is true that most of our public officials are either insanely naive and or day light robbers – only in it for share of the pie. However, we will start prosecuting one at a time.

Many countries including the west have been asking their leaders very hard and personal questions. The other day listening to the British side of the Panama saga, an MP insisted on calling the prime minister Dodgy Dave – not at all rosy for the PM dealing with defending his dignity.

In Nigeria we have started doing what we knew best – defending those who do not care if Nigeria sinks or sails, actually they wanted it to sink.

Here is a video clip, there are a few like this floating around and in each of the ones I have seen, Nigeria has been mentioned and yet Nigerians buried their heads in sand wishing away the dark days.

Hear Nigeria mentioned in 1:48


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  1. Honestly, this mirrored my own sentiments.

    I agree with you, there are times when Nigeria feels like a ridiculous joke, only that I don’t always find this joke particularly funny. Or does laughing angrily count? 😀

    Sometimes, the Nigerian palava drains my energy, it makes me so tired trying to figure out the mechanics behind their reasoning. If a person has looted public funds, does the fact there are other looters (besides him) invalidate the fact that he is a looter? Does being one amongst many make the unjust act less obnoxious?

    The more civilised reaction of the West to the Panama expose really impressed me. it was black and white for them, no fuzzy gray spots.

    Indeed, we on the other hand, fight battles for selfish people who only care about their close-knit circles.

    Thank you for sharing this.

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    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
      And I agree our wahala can be draining. And again those who insisted on selling our future don’t rest, so heaven would have mercy and keep topping up our energy juice 🙂

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  3. Some times I just feel social media was made for Nigerians…… LOL

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  4. I agree with you that the cleaning has to start from somewhere. Permit me to revolt this. Thank you.

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  5. I’m so glad that the Panama expose was made public. Iceland chucked out their Prime Minister, Great Britain is putting pressure on their Prime Minister. We have to speak up with our indignation.

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