Burning bush, unlike the Exodus story

In a lawless town, no one can be accused of any offence, goes the local saying.  Only that in Nigeria we claim that we have rule of law, however it only applies sporadically mostly to the commoners, the no name people.

Will this prophet of Celestial Church of christ, Abule Egba be arrested or prosecuted even. Adult members of the church were there during the church service to testify to the miracle act but this is Nigeria, the same church likely to open in a few weeks for business as usual.

It is hard to lay blames all the time on religious leaders especially when their victim is an adult. Such is the case of this woman, Bosede. 

“Our prophet said the spirit of God whispered to him that I would not burn if he sets me on fire. When I came out, they poured kerosene on my body and set me ablaze. But, unfortunately, I was burnt beyond recognition and before the other church members could get water, the deed had already been done.”

In the first instance, I thought this prophet is insane for setting Bosede on fire blaming it on God’s voices, then I realise it is not just the prophet of Celestial Church of Christ Abule Egba, Lagos that needs serious help, also Bosede who as an adult allowed herself to be a recipient of the prophet’s experiment.

If God was really speaking to the prophet that he could successfully pour kerosene on someone, set it alight without burning, why can he (the prophet) run the test on himself?

Now poor Bosede lie in agony at the hospital, with what look like 3rd degree burn, hope she gets better soon. Has Bosede learnt anything? Maybe, maybe not.


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  1. First this is a tragedy, poor Bosede.
    Second, if she had trace of doubt, why proceed? The fact that she went through with it, means she had total ‘trust’ in this charlatan.
    Third, why on earth would ‘God’ make such a proposition to her?
    Fourth, The charlatan, should know , you are not supposed to ‘test’ God.
    Fifth, never surrender your thoughts to anyone else, whether they be in authority or not. Always, always have your own thoughts, no matter what. Ask questions and scrutinise the answers.

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    • Agree, it is tragedy indeed. But Nigeria is a very interesting nation, even with technology, news don’t get around the way it should especially when it comes to sharing experience that might get people to think twice about the claims of their priests.

      This case is not isolated, quite common. A trip around our hills in the south will reveal gory tale of priest claiming to cure mental health illness – patients were simply drugged and chained for weeks on end (I know this as I have to visit a family member in the 90s in one).

      You heard about the case of TB Joshua and the victims of his building, he blamed it on devil – those who were killed there were miracle searchers – they’d anything he says.

      Another guy long time ago at University of Ibadan Zoo was severed because he wanted to replicate Daniel in the bible.

      The only hope is that news like this will get around so people learn to know when to walk away…


  2. This is unbelievable! When. Will these ( m – ) stop waiting for their men of Nigeria’s gods to tell them what to do? Bosede is not the first to be set on fire by – or on the say-so of her pastor; much as we would like this to be impossible, she’s not likely going to be the last.

    I hope this fake pastor will get his day in hell at Kirikiri before the one awaiting him hereafter.

    As for Bose, who will help women feom believing these charlatans?

    Thanks, Folakemi. Regards,

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    • Thank you, this is how I felt too. Oh well, the likelihood of the prophet being sent to kirikiri (jail) is thin… this is probably the last we’d hear of this case in public while Bosede picks pieces of what’s left for her.

      I like the question you posed ‘who will help women from believing these charlatans?’ – I think it is women help enlighten one another both on ground and online.


  3. We humans are gullible and trusting. I’m sorry she had to pay such a price for it.

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