Pareto Principle according to master of all disciplines

A few years ago driving on Ife-Ibadan motorway, a friend and I chatted about the numerous billboards by the road side. Most of which were religious ones, all from different pentecostal churches – from miracle children, prosperity, deliverance from village witches to finding perfect life partner. It is incredible really, most of our religious leaders are experts in everything under the sun because God has called them.

Then he told me a story, a brilliant story of a man of God who prayed for a certain politician and spoke to God on his behalf, and God being all-powerful answered the politician’s prayers and became a governor of a state in our dear land Nigeria and in return he gave the church 100M naira as a thanksgiving.

I turned to my friend and asked if the money that the politician ‘shared’ belonged to babanla baba politician yen?

This is not an isolated case, it is very common tactic used by most of Nigeria Pentecostal leaders most especially the big ones. They are all the same, a quick search online will reveal plenty to read.

My friend and I talked about how this is simple, if a politician gives a pastor outrageous amount of money he could never have earned in 10 years as a thanksgiving gift, we all knew that is the health care, water, road and education funds taken away from the people – it is no brainer as budget is finite.

Now, Pastor Ashinmolowo of KICC London is a funny guy and really should just face his ministry and leave President Buhari to spend as much time as he could to fish out where $2.1B disappeared to –  those Nigerians who are at the bottom are in no hurry as they are already down. If they happen to suffer a bit more now, they will not die – the future will be brighter for all of us if for once and all some scape goats are punished.

“President Buhari is a man of great integrity, who wants the best for the country. But if he spends all his time pursuing looters, the majority of us who did not steal will suffer” “Therefore, he must use the Parento’s Principle to approach governance. If you have your eyes permanently on the rear view mirror, you cannot drive fast. The past deserves just 20% attention,” Pastor Ashimolowo

Reading the above statement from the pastor, the first thing that came to mind was to ask the minister of God the last time he was at CAC Oke Aanu Akarabata, Modakeke. He was once a worker there as Ologba (training evangelist) I believe the school there was in okay condition at the time, this is how it looks today, empty and used as aatan (dumpster)DSC_6654








Most of Nigerian big Pentecostal preachers originated from Osun State, they are all alive when a section of it was on ‘fire’ God did not ‘speak’ to them then.

Most of them are the biggest headache for Nigeria especially the last seven years where they were able to manipulate GEJ with daily ‘vision’ of heaven. Now, with the present administration who is a Muslim and need not daily devotion, fighting corruption is a waste of time to them and Oga pastor teaching Economic principle.

What an irony.


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  1. I don’t know about flattery, deception etc. But one thing I do know is God will judge everyone accordingly as they deserve. That said my President, apart from your obvious dislike for preachers, is there a chance that he made any sense at all?

    I will not excuse Pastors or Political sycophants who just want to say what whoever is in charge wants to hear but then if there’s truth in it, listen.

    Truly, if you spend the whole time looking back, how are you going to move forward? Call everyone that needs to be sorted (by jail term or refunds) to order and at the same time put working people and principles in place and let’s roll.

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    • First of all Happy New Year Queen, I have checked on you but no new blog post so I thought you are still going through new year ‘gbaladun’ 🙂

      Okay Queen, let me say this – I grew up going to church and doing the usual church stuff: choir, bible verse memorisation, night vigil, day vigil. My mum especially would not be here today if not for a pastor who took her under his wings during her midlife crisis. The old man was the God sent councillor, psychologist and all in-between. He was there not only with prayers but sharing experiences from others to show after great storm, often times calmness will be restored.

      See, I love preachers, they do enormous amount of counselling in exchange for very little.

      However, it is wrong to manipulate people and being a minister of God should not protect anyone from being criticised when they put their month where it doesn’t belong. If all hugging politicians had resulted in making the government invest in public schools and health – I will have no problem at all but rather their only aim is to join the elite so the poor becomes poorer.

      To answer your question Queen, personally, I would spend as much time as needed to retrieve as much as possible and prosecute as many as possible. The result will be better public schools, also better value for money for those who could afford private schools.

      No society can survive without decent middle class, Nigeria will have no middle class to speak of if health care and decent education is for the few.

      E kaaro Queen.

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  2. FLATTERERS FLATTER FLATTERERS AS ROBBERS ROB ROBBERS. Any Coup Plotter has no Moral justification to Fight Corruption . Authority Stealing Pass Armed Robbery!!! It is like sAying FELA Anikulapo Kuti cAn be justified to Teach Morals because he plays relevant Music????

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    • Haha, great example Prince. But these guys are forgotten the minute they’re gone, however Fela Anikulapo Kuti died going to 20 years now people are still buying his music referencing him, broadway shows in the States and West end shows in London and currently he is featured in British Library on the ground floor as one of Yoruba icons.

      This shows to me that Fela when he was alive, he did not mince is words he was promiscuous to the core and did not hide it. However, his message about religion, politics and social injustices still echo today.

      The Pentecostal miracle agents on the other hand pretend to be ministers of God but what they really do is lobby for policies that only benefit them. Now they are all Professors of Universities that most of their church members can’t even afford…


      • Folake , Can we say that because Bob Marley gave several inspirational and relevant songs and was buried by the Church then Rastafarian Ideology and Gbanja Alias Hemp smoking is Moraly justifiable??? YOU CANNOT BE WRONG AND GET RIGHT . NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TRY!!! Anything done in Darkness Must Come up To Light!!!!! Ila to so Raisi eni KO wi. IBEPE Wo la LE KA Lori IROKO ??? E GBE wa KI AIYE KO ri ?????

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        • I hear you Prince. But life isn’t strictly about being right or wrong, neither it is black and white – there are many grey areas. One of the reasons rules existed for adults is to make sure whatever anyone does do not infringe on other people’s human rights. As we say, a ko le rin ki ori ma mi (we can not walk without head moving)

          Also, I think one of the problems we have especially in Nigeria is our linear thinking pattern and the insistent on others conforming to our views on all issues. This is why we have religious issues.

          If religious is out of politics (no Mecca/Jerusalem), put money in infrastructure and education – we will all be happier.

          On Bob Marley, personally, I think he was a great man who lived during his short period on earth to entertain and enrich so many people’s lives. He used his music to awake consciousness in many, especially blacks.
          Now as adult, I have been able to own some of his amazing works and yet I have never smoked hemp not turned to a Rasta and yet I continue to cherish his beautiful lyrics.

          When it comes to religion, I believe everyone should have free choice to worship their way. It becomes a problem when one is seeing ‘visions’ like the lots we have in Naija for the purpose of manipulating the system to their benefits.

          On hemp/igbo or cannabis smoking – isn’t this legal now in the States (some state at least) and UK likely to join in… and in Nigeria, people smoke it anywhere and everywhere and yet we waste so much money preventing it when real danger such as cocaine finds its way to the Arik flight…


  3. They are evangepreneurs and deceptive people. Sometimes, the exhibition of some of these pastors and their followers give new meaning to religion as the opium of the masses.

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  4. Ashimolowo is one of MEN OF NIGERIA’S god – evangelists as entrepreneurs.

    ‘Affs Y, I’m on same page with you. Rather than see things the way you and miilions of others see them, these followers would send abuses our way should they come across these. And, of course, they would give us names but we must never stop speaking up. If your words words convince a single individual to look deeper and listen more closely to their so-called pastors, it would be worth it as a ripple effect that may eventually bring these church owners – an anomaly – to the end of the road of deceit, would not be too long in coming – HOPEFULLY!

    Thanks, Folakemi.

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  5. Wow, a pastor really said those words? Shameless! If he has nothing to worry about, then he should let the president look in the past in order to, hopefully, make a better future for Nigerians. Don’t they preach that all is paid here on earth (tout se paie ici pas)… Ironic indeed!

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