Ẹkún àlọ ni t’ahun, t’àbọ̀ ni t’àna ẹ̀: Dasuki had the first laugh

Ahun or Alábahun and Ìjàpá are names referring to one animal – tortoise. Tortoise is one of the most used in Yoruba folklore, usually a male figure. He is cunning, downright cruel (like how he got Monkey who was his friend into trouble), he can be greedy, selfish etc.

Tortoise appears a lot in our stories to pass on lessons on who or what not to be. Sometimes, in rare occasions he is gentle and docile (like in the story of him and his inlaws).

Here’s a poem that comes to mind today while I was thinking of #Dasukigate saga. It is likely one of Alawiye’s poems.

Ìjàpá t’ìrókò, ọkọ *Yánníbo 

Ọlọ́gbọ́n ẹ̀wẹ́, oníkùn ọ̀tẹ̀

A f’ọgbọ́n gb’ara re l’ọ́jọ́ búburú

*A fi àìgbọ́n de ara rẹ̀ ní ìgbèkùn…

The important and relevant lines that fit Dasuki gate case is the fourth line roughly translated as:

*’The one, who due to lack of wisdom entangles himself.’

Nigeria has not been this interesting and at the same time stressful in a long time. Former National security adviser, Sambo Dasuki definitely is not going to go down alone. Ever since  he was first arrested in December 2015 for diverting $2.1B to individual and private company accounts instead of spending the cash for intended purposes – to fight the Boko Haram, he has been dropping names, lots of them – people who had a slice of the pie.

Last week, the nation’s one time Minister of Finance and Secretary to former president Babangida and a presidential candidate, Baba Olu Falae was added to the list, the old man received ₦100M from Dasuki.

₦100M is about $USD500,000 – this is a massive amount of money in any country. Olu Falae admitted collecting the cash. Money for what purpose, you ask? – E seun, ba se ma n bini niyen o (thank you, that’s how one asks o).

Nigerians reaction to any event is always ‘colourful,’ sometimes more than the event itself. Here’s is a glimpse on SaharaReporters. Apparently some Nigerians think ‘we should just move on’ as if humans are capable of changing behaviour without consequences of their actions.

Here I remember the incredible African American, Harriet Tubman nicknamed ‘Agent Moses’ so she could help out other blacks escape slavery:

“I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” HT
“I grew up like a neglected weed – ignorant of liberty, having no experience of it.” HT

These two quotes are for the age group who once experienced good public education/health care services before the headquarters were moved to the States, UK, India and all around the globe where only the elite can access.

And the so called youths, the under 30s who were born into deep mess – always knew Nigeria to be knee-deep in corruption.

While it is clear corruption isn’t our only problem, investigation of everyone involved in Dasukigate is to everyone’s benefit. It means more money will be refunded, it means (and I am praying) criminal charges for illegal spending/sharing of public fund is likely. And most importantly, those who are die-hard tribalists can see that all looters are in every single tribe we have – that alone will ease the needless tribal tension that only work to confuse people.

Next few months will get more colourful. Reading some of the comments from Naija people, the common concession of why Dasuki ‘dash’ out money to key people is that he probably believe he had a chance of becoming president come 2019 – oh well, that dream hasn’t even form before it shatters.

Ẹkun àlọ ni t’ahun, t’àbọ̀ ni t’àna ẹ̀ – Tortoise had the first cry, the last cry is for the stubborn inlaws. In this context, people of Borno and everywhere that Boko Haram touches cried first, now it is time for Dasukigate’s turn.

*Yánníbo  – Yoruba for female tortoise.

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  1. The Yoruba proverb as I know it is èébú àlo ni tahun, tàbò ni tàna è. It’s a favorite of my father’s. We are in for a lot of ‘revelations’ in Naija.

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  2. It really makes one weep in despair at how recklessly these men just choose to run a country into the ground. It stinks to the high Heavens. When will this noose of corruption around the country’s neck loosen?

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  3. If Appartheid had Occured in NIGERIA and not in South Africa, The Nigerian MANDELA would have Failed Woefuly!!! Imagine the Pain and the ugliness of the Situation and the Magnanity of NELSON MANDELA compare , with the STATEMANSHIP of President EBELE JONATHAN !!! Contrast this with Coup plotters of NIGERIA and the I got Nobel Price in Pen Pushing . I mean no IFA PEACE PRICE O. Then Their Suicidal Leap of Faith e.t.C…. There is REALY great Wisdom in A TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION APPROACH IN SOLVING THE LOOTING MALAISE OF NIGERIA. No war againSt Indiscipline can cure a Malignant corruption because it requires A moral Consciece to Win such a War.

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  4. Yorubas’ tortoise folk tales are always very welcome are interesting and when they are right on target, always hilarious.


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