Self funded holiness, better for all

Positive news from pilgrims to Jerusalem. Hallelujah, this time the 350 pilgrims to Jerusalem  were

self-funded. That is the way God intended it, visit to Gethsemane should have been self funded in the first place, it’s no government place to get involved subsidising faith tourism.

And the news from an excited pilgrim:

“The most striking sight was the Garden of Gethsemane and I believe it was a determining moment for Jesus Christ because it was at that point he took a decision” Mr Makpa Malla.

I am sure Garden Gethsemane is very beautiful. Pilgrims will continue to receive warm welcome from Nigerians as long as government isn’t funding the trip, definitely not when our roads are death trap, power unpredictable, etc.

Maybe one day, Nigeria will create something for others to travel from a far to visit in the country – for now, great to hear the trip is self sponsored.

Given Nigeria most ‘holy’ people have enjoyed free tourism to Jerusalem at the expense of better social care (for example) for citizens in the last few years, now would be a good time for the government to use budget meant for the trip to establish a well deserved project or improve existing program (policing) so that in a few years’ time we can all see what would have been wasted in the name of seeking holiness.

And for Muslims both in the north and south, this can be done too, all we need is for the government to stop the meddling, people whose ambition are to visit Mecca will eventually make it there.

For now, that’s good news.

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  1. Thanks, Folakemi.

    This is very timely. I’ll send the link to a forum discussion of which I’m part that is a bit related to this.

    A Happy New Year to you and all yours.

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  2. Before we get too carried away with congratulating the 350 pilgrims, let us hope they are truly self-funded, that being the case good luck to them.

    The big thing is, if the Muslims will go along with it. Everyone seems to have an unfounded sense of entitlement. You name if from the customs officials to demand bribes, to students wanting overly generous allowances, to non-deserving pilgrims who think the state should pick up the tab. This has got to stop.

    Re all pilgrims of all faiths, the initial steps will be painful, but in the long run they will be better off.
    Let us see if the political class have the courage and firmness to see this through in any meaningful way.
    I do hope this ‘self-funded’ trip (until conclusively proved that they are self-funding) doesn’t turn out to be a ‘one-off’.

    Happy New Year FK, and thank you for this marvelous blog of yours offering a sensible opinion.

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    • I agree with you jco. I ‘yinmu’ when I first saw the news knowing my people with their gimmicks. Then I thought maybe ‘celebrating’ this would signal that eyes are on the shameless ones thinking their trips have to be sponsored at the expense of their people.

      The Muslims one no doubt will create lots of grudges, already people in the south are use to the free ride to the holy land as much as the north, so they likely going to threat politicians of no vote – hopefully this is where sensible people will rise up to let them know neither Mecca nor Jerusalem has benefitted Nigeria.

      And now we have got ourselves with elders in traditional religion asking for equal right –

      Very soon we’ll need to sponsor equal number of people to Cuba and Brazil – or perhaps this is where the line will be drawn once and for all.

      With the Jerusalem trip, in time we will know if that trip was truly self-funded.

      Happy New Year to you too and thank you for your contribution to my blog to date, very much appreciated.


  3. Already the APC government in Kaduna (Northern Nigeria) is getting A LOT of heat for not doling out Sallah goodies as customary. Buhari & El-rufai were openly stoned in Kaduna when they came to watch Tiwa Savage & co in the APC sponsored concert …..I can’t wait to see what happens IF they don’t give the usual free Hajj seat next year…. HE HE HE HE HE HE

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  4. I sure hope the visit to Mecca will be self-funded too. All these sponging off public funds should be put to a stop!

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  5. We are gradually coming back to our senses.

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