E go better

Until there is strict enforcement of law and removal of impunity from the top to bottom we know the talk of fight against corruption is only a lip service.

However, we can be grateful that we have people putting up information for all to see – it’s like a playback given most of the information here is well-known in the country.

To the Madam sick from cancer, I pray for complete remission.

Everyone knows the greatest sin anyone could commit in Nigeria is to be poor, then one is likely going to be like those kids sitting on mud floor in a classroom because the fund meant to develop their schools were distributed for holy pilgrimage and the rest spent on their kids to attend elite schools, leaving you lot behind. Sorry about that.

Sadly, most Nigerians fall into Mr Godwin Ekpos’s category where one is faced with raw deal of a corrupt society. His wife was killed, he got shot in his jaw while coming from the church, his sin? He failed to give the police officer a bribe of 2000 naira.

Poverty can’t be blamed for all of these, it is impunity. Everyone gets away with it all, the more authority one has in society, the more they get away with.


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  1. It never seems to fail but those big oil conglomerates manage to walk away with all the goodies. I don’t know how you get around it. Shame them maybe by tell everyone just how much money these fat cats make.

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