Where baby has a price tag


For those who needs empirical evidence to believe the crime about Nigeria baby factory, this video clip should help.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas investigation on Nigeria baby factory highlights two major problems in our society today. One is how lawlessness Nigeria is, anyone can get away with just about anything especially when money is involved.

11:30 shows this perfectly – listen to James Ogbo (?) a lawyer and Child Rights Activist saying he has dealt with so many cases of human trafficking, child abuse but to date no one has been prosecuted. He sounds like a good lawyer doing his job, but what more can a man do when somehow everyone seems to be slipping through the net?

Secondly in a society where we refused to grow out of the old ways of keeping everything that is out of ‘ordinary’ secret, there is bound to be someone taking advantage of people’s ignorance.

How can one even explain to the general public about human biology and fertility when most think everyone should be able to have biological children. Adoption is still largely frowned up, those who had gone through expensive IVF would rather tell their friends it was ‘God’s miracle’ than telling then the child is Owolabi (made possible with money) and plenty of luck as I understand many people have to go through many trials before success but the issue remains that folks don’t share complete truths about how they finally had their child after so many years waiting. Surrogacy is a no, no not because it was a bad option but because we don’t know enough about it and those who did kept it all under well guarded family secret.

Baby farming is quite easy in a place like Nigeria where money is all that really matters, with a price tag of 800k naira for a girl and 1M naira for a boy – check out 14:20. And of course those who can not afford the expensive price tag would find their way of having a child somehow.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas has done his bits exposing the criminals, details passed on to the authority, the hope is that all crooks involved are prosecuted, otherwise, it is same old story.

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  1. Hi Fola, I watched the video.That used to happen here too, many years ago. Maybe it still does but it is illegal. With abortions available it is less prevalent. Good to bring it out in the open. It is so difficult for those young mothers.

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