Memory loss in ageing parents

The story of Mr Rahmon Lawal is a reminder that we will all grow old one day, but for some people it comes with heavy price of dementia.

Mr Lawal went to mosque on the evening of 24th November and failed to return home. He is 76 years old suffering from memory loss, the family are aware of his condition and are said to be helping him cope. They are still searching for him around Egbeda, Lagos with his photos printed so people can help in the search.

I hope Mr Lawal is reunited with his family soon.

It is encouraging to read that Pa Lawal’s children knew about their father’s disease especially in a society such as ours that understanding of dementia in elderly is not a common knowledge.

I dare say, Pa Lawal is lucky to be a man, at least the chance of finding him in one piece is higher than if she were to be a woman.

Twice last year alone, two old woman were stripped naked, both in Lagos.  One was half burnt by ignorant crowd, the other must have been in her 80s but was lucky as children showed up just in time – both were accused of being in witchcraft flying in broad day light simply because they looked old and could not recollect anything traceable about their lives.

Stupidity of humanity is indeed infinite.

On a more positive note, I found out that there was a recent event in Ibadan whereby Memory Cafe promoting dementia awareness was lunched. Not that Nigerians are new to Alzheimer’s patients, it is just that we have always associated it with something completely unrelated.

The hope is that the message will keep spreading to educate more people on the need to be more understanding to elder folks suffering from memory loss.

Getting more interesting, I also found out about Rossetti Care home in Ibadan where elderly people can be looked after especially for those who need extra hand coping with day to day activities. I thought this is a step forward at least a good choice for children who are away from home and could afford to put their elderly where they will be looked after.

I really do hope that Pa Lawal’s family is able to locate him in the end.

It is comforting to know that despite the resistance to change from old beliefs, folks are learning the reality that sometimes come with growing old, the more we understand, the kinder our world will be.

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  1. I’m puzzled why anything that is unfamiliar is violently attacked. If you are unsure or suspicious keep your distance. There is no need to jump in and physically attack people, that is almost akin to savagery. Why two old ladies should be attacked, because people have this ‘hang up’ about witchcraft and superstition is ridiculous in this day and age?
    – Surely, all the prayers people overdose on should be enough to protect them.
    – if you don’t believe in it, simply go on your merry way.
    – If you are Samaritan then step and guide them to a police station.

    This was in Lagos, not some remote isolated settlement, yet such behaviour is not far from the surface. This is really saddening, but you pointed out there are a few drops of hope occurring to enlighten people there. Too much Nollywood and hysteria has taken over the minds of the people.

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    • Yea, I am happy to read about that group, good platform for those who wanted to listen and mend their ways.

      If we were to go by our overly religious outlook, then Nigeria by now will be a sample of what paradise would look like.


  2. Its a horrifying fact of life but with love and care from family it can be mitigated. I hope we know that this is a road that most are likely to journey through and thus should be kinder and more understanding to our elderly.

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  3. My dad is 86 years old and his memory is failing fast these days. He cannot remember what he had for lunch most times. I understand the ravages of going old. I pray I don’t get too old without quality of health. I want to age gracefully with faculties intact or I better keel over and die. Harsh but I prefer a quick exit.

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  4. We are all heading in the same direction so let’s get this sorted out.

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  5. Sadly – loss of memory is a problem for us all as we grow old. Sadly, criminals will take advantage – even when their own family are suffering the same isues 😦 Equally sadly, in some cultures – your’s is not alone – people showing signs of dementia are branded as witches or demons. It does also happen to men!

    I hope that the growing understanding will result in a better world for the older people n Nigeria 🙂

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    • Thank you, I think growing understand will definitely help.

      Ha ha, I have heard about shameless criminals taking advantage of their own family, agreed, that is sad.

      Those wouldn’t make much from most Nigerian elders as the children usually are the source of upkeep for
      elderly parents.

      Do men get ‘labelled’ too? Oh well, Pretty shocking things happen when people choose not to think.


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