Abiding sheep: It pays to question authority

One day Nigerians will learn to feel comfortable disagreeing with public leaders we liked when their proposals benefit no one.

If we were to list many things needing improvement in Nigeria, would free ₦5k ever be the most pressing need for the poor? I seriously doubt it. So why do we have elders nagging about this to overshadow the more important ones?

Prof Osinbajo, VP took a nice photo of himself and an elderly man during the presidential campaign, it was taken in front of a mud house common to 90% of our rural homes, the old man looks healthy and cheerful. If anyone comes out of this village thinking shoving ₦5k down the throats of the villagers is the best way to help, then I know they have misunderstood the rural families most pressing needs.

What I have seen that has contributed to lots of family break down in my part of the country is separation of families – parents living in the village while underage children live in town during the week so they can attend good (ish) schools.

I and my sisters lived like this for years, we were just one family amongst thousands doing the same thing. When my parents moved back to the village, my immediate younger sister was in primary 6, me and the two others were in different classes in secondary school. Why would anyone leave their children behind to live 15miles away especially with my 10 year old little sister who had constant high fever throughout the week and settles immediately she sets eyes on her parent on Friday evening?

The choice was not an easy one, the only primary school in my village was built in the 50s, according to my father it was a pride of everyone. It means children from my village would not have to make 2 miles walk like my father did. The primary school served about seven villages within one mile radius, the farthest pupils come from just over a mile.

Apart from the pit toilet built in the 70s, the school did not ‘smell’ any maintenance since the 50s  so both students and teachers naturally dwindle with time (can’t rule out ghost teachers on payroll).

If Prof Osinbajo really wants to help poor masses, lets start by closing the gap in quality education. Those schools that were inspired by Awolowo are still there today in their shells, refurbish them and put in teachers – family will stay together, their extra cash stay in their pockets.

We will all be happier together.

The second part of this handouts drama was the talk of ₦5k for unemployed youths. According to some people, this stipend should be for undergraduates. The problem is when Nigerians use this term, they are essentially saying this stipend should only be for youths who had a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree.

What a reasoning? So Nigerians who attended College of Education, Polytechnics, Technical college are all neither graduate nor Nigeria youths enough?

I asked my niece who just finished her youth service corps last month about her thoughts. Her response was that ” E ma ma da awon yen lohun o” (don’t mind those people).

The public school where she had her primary assessment had the best science lab she ever saw and despite this there is no permanent chemistry teacher. Both her school and her second job wanted to keep her but could not match the government monthly stipend of  ₦19,800.

The plan was that it pays to get work experience different from service year. And no matter what, keep busy. In the end her school offered to pay  ₦15k plus free rent. At 23 she is happy as the job allows her to continue doing other stuff also keep brain sharp while she waits for admission.

She thinks the  ₦5k/month ($25) is a rubbish idea and I agree, as the money can be invested in better ways to benefit unemployed youths.

In her station, most of the Corpers did not follow government skill acquisition program up after the initial 3 weeks taster at the camp, why can’t government put this money into assisting students who are interested but only stayed back because they could not afford the fee?

I have enjoyed Senator Ben Murray-Bruce for many reasons, one, it is nice to have a Senator that can communicate his own thoughts to people but lately he is behaving like a ghost – because one can see through him. Pushing non sensible stipend on government when as a businessman would not spend his money same way.

Only politics void of reasoning.

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  1. It is so obvious that these set of leaders are still playing to the gallery. Lately the power situation has gotten worse, the fuel situation worse and the economy slowed considerably, all from the levels they inherited…. Yet they’re still going on about the senseless 5k stipend and securing the states they couldn’t round up during the last elections.. Alas…we’re still waiting sha…. 6 months don pass.

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