Taxing Osun

I have always thought Nigerians are the easiest to tax, the only reason this is difficult often times is because people don’t see the benefits of their contributions.

Osun state is planning to introduce Land Use Charge, given how this will work, it sounds like UK council tax where property gets taxed based on market value.

This sounds like a practical step forward to help with lack of public amenities issues. I hope required ground work is done and presented to people in the way that they see the benefits.

Glad that Mrs Laoye-Tomori, the state vice governor who relayed this news to the public knew exactly how this sort of tax works as someone with varied experience. When people pay, they expected better social services for example maintenance of schools, roads etc.  People are reasonable as long as they see the money being put back into the community, they’ll comply.

Tourism as another area of interest for the government, this is great. But please Mrs Laoye-Tomori, make a visit to Ikogosi Spring to see what Dr Fayemi did barely three years ago and see the state of Ikogosi today under Dr Fayose – maintenance isn’t in our vocabulary, this is evidenced right from the entrance gate.

When we plan to attract tourists, I like when the focus is on Nigerians, especially the majority who are likely to appreciate visiting places. This is important in terms of pricing, type of facilities provided. Some of our local hotels are over the top pricing, for example at Ikogosi their standard room is ₦15,500, how many of our people can afford this? If we were to attract more youths who are likely to sleep overnight, it is worth considering having more of simple room with basic and working facilities i.e water, electricity and bathroom at a reduced rate.

Would be great to see Olumirin Waterfalls getting proper makeover too especially the entrance.

Exciting to read of positive improvement in the making, just have to keep hoping it comes to fruition.

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  1. I really hope they make some money off Olumirin, and it won’t be very difficult.

    A good entrance, some eateries selling affordable food, guard rails (every time I’ve been there someone almost falls off), and a map are the easiest and can come very cheap. A little motel nearby also would be nice.

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    • I agree.

      I heard that the work on the long stairs from the first waterfalls to the other side is completed. I agree, there should be railings on the side so people can hold on to, we don’t have to wait until someone breaks their neck.

      I completely agree with your suggestions, we don’t even need a lot of money to make a difference to the area.
      I like the idea of affordable motel, I bet lots of people would like to stay overnight.


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