A voice of hope

Michel Chikwanine is my latest inspiration, abducted to fight a war he knew nothing about at just five years old.

I like the part where he talked about sharing stories of the past with young children, it is the only way everyone can gain insights into what has happened in the past and do all they can to prevent re occurrence in the future especially in the case of child soldier.

With e-book, I’m hoping that this book is advertised widely on the continent as quite a few of our countries share similar story of using young people to fight.

War affects people differently, those who witnessed their loved one being slaughtered don’t forget, sharing it with the hope of change in attitude makes the burden of knowledge a lot easier to carry.

Glad for Michel to have found his voice and calling, hopefully this will have long lasting effects on folks who dwell on violence especially when the story is told from one of their own.





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