Blend of cultures

Interesting take on issue of identity/home from Taiye Salesi. Don’t I just love controversial topics? Well, life will be too boring if we all have to agree easily on every subject, I suppose.

This is a talk where simple question such as ‘where are you from?’ is given different interpretations. The world is what it is, today people are moving around the world and settling down in countries different from their place of birth.

I have never thought the question ‘where are you from?’ is more than a conversation starter that it is. People are curious and sometimes just want to know a bit of personal information to see if there is anything they have in common that could help with moving chats along.

Some people found it easier to mention a place they feel most connected to, I think with others, it is not as clear-cut.

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  1. I see what you are saying. When I first moved to London I had issues with so many Africans who were denying their heritage. I had this friend from Angola who was adamant that she was from Portugal, I used to argue so much with her about it. About two years ago, I had a change of heart. I felt that I had no right to pigeon hole anyone, and through studying anthropology it became clear that we all have more than a single identity. Now it doesn’t bother when people reject some aspects of their identity. I just become intrigued and try to find out what could have possibly led to that rejection…

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  2. Very interesting. I didn’t know about her till today. Thanks for sharing

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    • Thank you for stopping by.

      I first heard of heard of Ms Salesi last year because of her book ‘Ghana Must Go’. For someone who lived through Ghana Must Go saga, I presumed she is likely from the area, and also given her first name is Taiye I thought she is Yoruba – funny that Nigeria isn’t one of the locals she liked to be associated with…

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  3. Hi Fola, as you probably know Canada is a country of immigrants. Some of us are recent immigrants and others going back many generations. Eight generations ago some of my ancesters came from England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland and Portugal. My husband’s family have been here even longer than our family. They were from France. But Canada is our home where we have put down roots and we don’t look back. I would imagine this happens all over the world now.

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  4. Interesting viewing. Ordinarily people just answer such questions without thinking there is more to it.

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