Nigeria to reduce the number of foreign missions

President Buhari is looking into the possibility of reducing Nigeria 119 missions abroad to a more manageable number in order to reduce cost and to re evaluate available services.

I’m hoping he’ll start from the UK.

There are many things that just don’t make any sense going on at our Nigeria High Commission, Northumberland Avenue, London.

As Omo Nigeria rere, I’ll give the president a pointer;

To obtain a Nigerian passport is a 2 day visit; one day to submit the form (the wait could be anything from one to 3 hours), after submitting the form, one still have to wait some more upstairs to take passport photography – this in 2015!

Then the second day, a week or so later is for collection whereby one has to be present and sign the passport before final issue.

The drama that actually goes on inside the embassy is iroyin ko t’afojuba (one need to visit to have full picture).

On the other hand, to obtain a British passport, most Briton have mo idea where their passport office are located because they don’t need to. One only have to out the form with required documents and send it off by mail. Within two to 3 weeks, you have your passport in hand.

Maybe this is one area this investigation should start from – what is stopping Nigeria embassy in the first world running as efficient as their counterparts in the host country – allowing passport renewal by mail?

While on this subject, why is Nigeria High Commission where Nigerians apply for passports at Northumberland Avenue like another Oshodi market and the Fleet Street where visitors apply for visas a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere?.

Talking about reducing costs of running foreign missions – now as an outsider I could not get the fact that when applying for Nigeria passport we had to pay two separate – one online payment and the other,  a £20 money order to be submitted with the form. Maybe a more efficient way is to consolidate all the payment to be online.

The last time I was at the embankment post office, I leaned in to tell the gentleman where to address my money order, he was faster than I was and when I seemed shocked that he knew, he told me “used to be worse, sister” before given me earful of how bad it was years ago.

An important move I agree, hopefully the move would mean improved service quality to all Nigerians.

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  1. Seriously sister FO, your case is simply that of “When in (London) behave like (Oliver Twist)”
    You are just asking for more.. but face it, there is nothing serious to really complain about.
    You don over stay for Queens country so-tay you don forget when you’re having it good.

    I hope GMB remembers that Nigerians are all over the world when he reduces the foreign missions sha

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    • hahaha! I know na. At least when one lives in Queen’s land with working mailing system, why not utilise it?

      I think our embassy has huge room to improve – adopting mailing system, they wouldn’t need so much room for people hanging about therefore cheaper rent.
      See o, I was helping (:)) to show where we can cut costs and improve efficiency by ditching the old, waste of time system.

      You see, when you pay the same amount of money for similar services with other embassy is when one realises, something is not right – we are having it good, no doubt but we can still do better to emulate the system that works…

      I think our foreign missions can be reduced without affecting embassies primary works. I read that 75% of the required work are done overseas, one way of going about it is to do majority of work required at home – given home-based folks learning opportunity and employment.

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