Social mobility

This is a fantastic project – We Rise Initiative Nigeria.

  • More women breaking the barriers of silence
  • A future where women are not treated as 2nd class citizens

All the points in the slide below are interrelated but the two I copied up here are very important. When women can collectively speak up together in one voice, the battle is a lot easier.












I especially liked the picture here – a woman stirring her boiling palm oil. I have always believed that for African women or indeed Nigeria women to truly rise, rural women must be carried along. Many rural women in this woman’s shoes sell their palm oil very cheaply the day after making as there is no other option to turn to. For many rural families today, educating their children takes the lion share of their income. SME fund with low-interest rate would afford folks to preserve their products for raining days.

Hopefully, this is the beginning of a bigger initiative where all women can work together with one voice.

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  1. HI Fola, great post! We have to support our sisters and encourage them to strive for better lives and a better world for everyone.

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  2. A great initiative! Thanks for bringing to our notice.

    My regards,

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  3. How easily we women in the Western world forget how hard it still is for sisters elsewhere. Thank you for the reminder, but also for the hope in this message! :). Mir xx

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