Priapism: Medical condition or fair lady’s charm

One day, soon I hope we will all have stories to tell about Nigeria’s very own snake oil salesmen.  I know we all want to believe in miracles and the power that lie in the hands of the anointed ones, however sometimes one can not but ask some questions.

In this video Mr Omotosho is suffering from a condition called priapism, a painful penile erection lasting for more than four hours (more on it here), caused when blood trapped in the men genitalia area is unable to drain.

Prophet TB Joshua delivered him from the pain with a flick of hand after he blamed the whole incidence on the fact that Mr Omotosho had an affair with a fair complexioned lady who had cast a spell on him – only in Nigeria. 

Learning more about priapism, apparently it is a rare condition that if left for too long before seeking medical attention could lead to other medical complications. Also I learned that priapism is common among men with sickle cell trait especially folks that are on medication for the condition. Nigeria is high risk for sickle cell.

So who do we believe here –  the fair lady’s charm or the science?

Also, isn’t it interesting that the Prophet labelled the ‘fair’ lady and sees Mr Omotosho as the victim?

Hope is that soon there will be right avenues for people to get help and perhaps peer group interventions so that folks can differentiate staged miracles from reality – that day will come eventually.

The first two minutes of the clip is the most relevant.


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  1. Another Comic Action !!! That is JOSHUAWOOD?

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    • Abi o.

      A bit sad really as I learnt this condition is mostly common in Nigeria South. I learnt Nigeria has the highest rate of sickle cell case in the world with about 150k babies per year.

      Also, priapism can affect children too, so if that happens, who do we blame, Mama Alakara?


  2. Hi Fola, being a retired nurse I am aware of this malady. One can not under estimate the power of belief and psychological conditioning. It probably doesn’t resolve the condition permenantly. There is a high possibility that it will return becuase it is a medical condition caused by some issue such as sickle cell or even medications that he may be taking.

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    • Totally agree with you on the power of faith/belief and PC. This sort of miracles is very common in Nigeria that people just tune out of it nowadays – to each their own we say.

      The prophet wasn’t even talking about possibility of sickle cell anaemia or other form of medications as the reason behind the man’s priapism – he outrightly blamed it on the woman Mr Omotosho had affair with.

      I think that is a bit misleading and I am not sure why it is so easy to blame everything that is not ‘normal’ on women.

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  3. He He He ….. As the saying goes; God pass man.
    I hope the ‘Repaired erection’ is not permanent sha LOL

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