Who’s developing who?

Food for thought.

This clip is talking about the big picture – global economy, however it got me thinking about Nigeria economy and how all round development has stalled in the last decades.

In Nigeria, power is concentrated in the hands of few people in all regions, most of whom put us in the misery in the first place.


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  1. Thank you Leslie.

    That is the problem, policies ‘skewed for the few’ and the few are becoming restless to demand for what is right – More power to the people.


  2. Hi Fola,
    I saw the video and it was right on topic. It seems that what is happening in Nigeria is happening all over the world . Our governments run under the guise of a democracy and it is far from a democracy, but in reality, it is skewed for the few. Like the video says, we can’t have unlimited growth. We have had that for many years now, and poverty is still around. The good thing is, many people are beginning to ask the right questions. I know in Canada we are about to have an election and from what I hear we are about to “throw the bums out”. There are good people out there and we even have great thinkers. Now is the time to reassess what is going on and make some serious changes.

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