Sports in schools

I am all for building new wealth. Goes without say that Nigeria has to find alternative ways of generating more revenue to sustain our growing population.

Mr Ben Murray-Bruce is talking about his ideas on new ways of generating revenue using our abundant resources, people. I wonder how many Nigerians bother to listen to the Senator. It is true that we talk a lot, sometimes, we do need to talk to identify areas that must be improved on, the hope is that planning will follow all the talks.

Mr Commonsense is making lots of sense here, in 4:35 the senator proposes that “all schools should have a team in swimming, athletics, tennis, boxing, basketball and all.”

For schools to re-introducing sports in school curriculum, there’s need for government spending reviews in our public schools. Getting students interested in sports from early age is important to what they do in later live.

On swimming – parents need to be involved here especially in my part where myths about ‘spirits in water’ scare folks more than water itself.

Last year when OAU Ife hosted NUGA (Nigeria University Games), I was elated reading that a swimming pool will be constructed as part of the plans to encourage participants. My excitement was that after the event, the swimming pool will be opened up for lessons for the community perhaps during long holidays to get people interested and to generate revenue. It has not happened yet, but maybe someone would see the need.

How I wish we have many senators like Mr Bruce-Murray who are brave enough to at least say their minds on issues that affect all Nigerians.

Here’s Mr Commonsense speech, enjoy:



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  1. Interesting.
    To my mind, Nigeria’s embrace of sport is something of a ‘bling’ thing, it looks very fancy and impressive at first glance. But you really have to be consistent and support talent even when they get injured, which the sports authorities are not known for.
    Jamaica didn’t spend billions of dollars on sports, yet they have a whole load more medals than Nigeria, the lesson is that they have made the most of what they have. This means Nigeria need not spend such a huge some of money, but concentrate on nurturing talent. You don’t always have to give them a scholarship to go overseas. Most of Jamaica’s athletes are based at home and only make trips overseas to compete and make money, but for the most part they live and train in Jamaica.
    I do agree the whole thing needs to be taken more seriously and managed professionally also.

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    • The ‘bling’ thing unfortunately applies to most government sponsored projects, hence they are short-lived with little to show.


      • You are absolutely right, careless use of resources without much thought will not yield the desired results.
        Why does Nigeria need 30 stadiums? There are 6 geo-political zones, it would make sense to have 6 stadiums (one for each zone), the cost of maintenance can be shared amongst the constituent states.
        Nigeria has had many chances and on nearly every occasion has blown the chances they have. The excuse that we are developing and don’t receive enough money for our products can’t be used. I think the problem is that the wrong mindset is in place which affects everything across the board. The sports question is symptomatic as you have pointed out.

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        • You’ve said it all, it is wrong mindset that is killing us.

          I’m sure they would’ve spent years fighting for that 30 stadiums to be built, (perhaps still paying hefty interests today) only to realise oops, people have to be trained to utilise the fields and also that to make such huge investment viable, it is important to build citizens interest up.

          As you know, we are very tribalistic, as long as this is the yard stick for our decisions, masses will always be worse off as the fat guys at the top play us against one another.


  2. What a wise man that Senator is! He’s so right that you have to invest in the people and sports and physical activity is a good direction.

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