Mental illness stigma

Humanity we all share is more important that mental illness we may not – Elyn Saks

Many Nigerians by the time they could talk would have seen one or two people suffering from mental health illness, they are not hard to find – they are in the open by the road sides. Handfuls of these are naked – devoid of any human dignity.

Reading Adebayo Adewumi’s struggle with schizophrenia is another reminder of stigma associated with mental illness in Nigeria. The 29 year old was visiting Lagos with his family, but wandered off leaving his mobile phone behind so no means of anyone getting hold of where he is.

The family is aware of his mental health status, they seem like a loving and supporting family as they give information about his treatments and relapses.

I hope somehow Adebayo is reunited with his family soon to continue with his treatment.

Here’s a video of a Professor of law at USC, USA shedding more lights into the life of people living with schizophrenia, maybe Adebayo will watch this one day to realise stigma does exist everywhere and hopefully will take advantage of listening to stories being shared from around the world to help cope with the illness better.

In this Tedtalk, Elyn Saks shares her journey with mental illness. Check out her messages to all from 12:15.


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4 replies

  1. That was very informative, thank you FK.
    Kudos to the presenter who was candid and honest. I learned we all have our part to play by not reacting out of ignorance of hysteria.
    I paid attention and learned something new. Look at how this lady has blossomed, this could not be achieved by ignoring the person.

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    • Thank you for reading. Feels great to have have you and others around otherwise it will be monologue…

      Agreed, the lady is has blossomed indeed. I grew up thinking mental health illness is contagious.

      Sad but true, my attitude over the years has changed because of what I have learnt about mental health illness mainly out of Nigeria.


  2. Right time that the plight of people living with mental illnesses of various kinds in Nigeria is brought out in the open.

    Thanks for sharing this Ted Talk.

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