Independence means responsibility

I listened to Ms Fatou Diome’s passionate speech about immigrants dying in the mediterranean  a few months ago. It’s hard to ignore the truths in her speech.

The punchline from the first part of the clip 4:50 “we will all be rich together, or we drown together”

The second part of the clip talks about Africa taking responsibility and work together to stop wasting lives of future generation seeking for better life outside of the continent through the back doors to Europe.

Well, this meeting was in April, since then migrants crossing to Europe has reached a record high. Estimated death toll of   2,300 for this year alone.

I did watch a few Nigerians given testimonies about their trips, how they ended up joining the voyage from Libya going anywhere but Nigeria. The guys I watched were educated and even paid exorbitant amount of money to their smugglers.

I think this is a well-balanced enough argument, immigrant issue is a sensitive one, but Africa must do their bits as we are the one losing future of tomorrow at sea.

As Ms Diome rightly puts it “if we are really independent in Africa, we are also responsible for our destiny”

Oh well, I suppose here’s where good leadership comes in, again…

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  1. I get Syrians making a run away from war…though I really don’t get why they are not heading for Saudi or UAE or staying put in Turkey. Anyways, I honestly regard most of those from Sub-saharan Africa as embarking on ..’Optional Slavery’

    This might sound like a personal advert. But people you all really should get your free copy of #EveryoneHatesTheEnglish at
    (Coupon: LC67V …Valid for Aug,2015)

    After you do, quickly read “Optional Slavery”. It will only take six minutes.

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    • With Turkey, I read somewhere they have taking quite a lot of Syrian refugees in the past years. With Saudi + UAE I don’t think anyone would want to crash their borders uninvited given strict rules and perhaps tighter border controls too.

      With Sub-saharan Africa illegal migrants, I think optional slavery is one of putting it, but I think some people have no idea at all what it is on the other side, our government need to work more on this by educating people. For example I read about our ex president Obasanjo paid to expatriate thousands of women form Italy during his first term. Apparently the whole operation was kept secret so as not to embarrass the family. Well, I think this should have being aired on national tv (protecting identity of the women) to educate the citizen, this is what many progressive nations would do.

      Now a decade later, we have more Madam recruiting and these women are back in business.

      That’s okay advertising Everyone Hates the English. I read the chapter about Assassination of Obasanjo last week. The first three pages got me laughing out loud! The pot-bellied prince and the Nigerians political focus group in London – that was awesome descriptions!

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  2. Dear Folakemi,

    Thanks for sharing this timely look at one of “itiju Afrika” – the shames of Africa are countless from a 1936 poem by late Ataoja of Oshogbo, Oba Adenle, “Itiju Afrika po”.

    While we tend to blame others for our problems, I think you are very correct in asking the continent’s leadership to do more in preventing this mass exodus which often ends in her young people ending their lives in the sea.

    The looting and mis-governance that go on unabated in most of the countries on the continent lie at the root of unemployment and misery that lead these young people to desperate decisions and actions that lead often to their deaths. The end, even when they survive the journeys, is not often much different.

    My regards, as always.

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    • Mrs Adenle – Thank you for reminding us this wonderful poem. It is true that ‘Imọ re ko ṣ’ọkan’ ‘No one voice in Africa’

      Now we are at the mercy of the west to leak names and bank account of the looters — what a country!


  3. No doubt that meddling by foreigners in the guise of multinationals and the willing co-operation by ‘sell outs’ in governments play a large part in the position of Africa today.
    But as the lady said, African leaders are not playing their part to solve the problem. They really don’t care if their citizens ‘sink or swim’. If they die, it is ‘and so what’, many people in their countries die of preventable diseases and accidents and no one lifts a finger, so if they die abroad the same attitude exists. If they survive, they will send remittances back to their families, thus benefiting indirectly the country they risked their lives to escape.
    For many African countries, independence is purely superficial, they have changed the flag and the anthem, yet things for the most part continue as before, they are client states to the former colonial powers. Some are trying to cling onto China too.
    There is an unhealthy dependence on outsiders to do it all for you. Because they colonised you, if after 50 years they are unwilling to do it for you, common sense would dictate that you do it for yourself, but nevertheless Africans hope that someone from outside will develop Africa for them.
    With Africa’s rapidly expanding population and economies that are not able to deal with population growth, this trend of people throwing themselves at the shores of Europe will continue.
    The African Union is conspicuous by it’s silence on the matter, the silence can be likened to ducking the issue and failing to take responsibility for mismanaging their affairs that their people have to run away to seek a better life.

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  4. Fola, I listened to Fatou’s speech. She is very eliquent and she is right. With all this globalization, everyone must be included. The desparate situation of the refugees is horrific and I’m not sure how much better things are for them, even if they survive the ordeal. A lot of the problems, i suspect are the result of the west meddling in places they have no business to. But with the “Globalization” only the CEO’s of the big multinationals are the real ones benefitting. The little people in the west are losing their jobs, their homes and our countries are falling apart. There will be unrest here too.
    If we could just band together so that we all benefit, life would be so much better for all of us.

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    • I’d glad you did. Here’s when it pays to speak French! I think war refugees from Syria other war torn countries are to be assisted.
      Hopefully leaders will work together to settle this soon.

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      • She speaks French beautifully and she really had their attention. The more people speak out the better, at some point they will have to listen.

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        • She is passionate about the subject…wrote a book on the subject a decade or so ago titled ‘Belly of the Atlantic’

          Talking about book – I got my book ‘Blueprint for Revolution’ couple of weeks ago, I have read two third of it. Fantastic book and incredible insights into similarities of tyrant minds around the world, and very funny read. Thank you for recommendation.

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          • I’m glad you are getting something out of the book Fola. I found it was very good too. It takes people like you and Fatou to bring these issues onto the front stage. I think the tyrants hope we will be too afraid or too busy to make a fuss.

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