Remembering Dr Adadevoh

How time flies!

It is unimaginable to think of what fate of many families would be today if not for the courageous Dr Adadevoh’s strict intervention that prevented Patrick Sawyer from travelling from Lagos to Calabar.

In the process of preventing what could have been the biggest epidemic of Ebola virus ever, she lost her life.

Impressive how everyone took warnings of ebola virus seriously in Nigeria at the time. Remote villages were not left out with updated news blaring every other minutes from radio and television informing people about the need to report anyone with Ebola-like symptoms.

I’m sure Dr Adadevor’s family are extremely proud of her bravery just as all Nigerians are. On this World Humanitarian Day, I hope we all remember a Nigerian who took her professional oath seriously and in the process saved many Nigerians.

To Dr Adadevoh and many others that lost their lives to the terrible virus both within the continent and outside – RIP

Not forgetting all medical professionals and volunteer across the globe that helped in one way or the other to curb the spread of the virus, thank you to all.

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  1. No doubt this doctor displayed more courage than many members of Nigeria’s armed forces and the police, who have been trained to ‘face death’.
    It would not surprise me that she outdid many of her male colleagues and 99.9% of the political class in Nigeria, in short the woman is a gem in a land of increasingly suspect characters.

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  2. Not to be the party pooper but I am not surprised Nigerians were collectively successful in fending the ebola scare. We are really good at working together against a common enemy that doesn’t benefit anyone of us. Unfortunately, Mr Ebola is the only example, EVER!!

    Anybody know another one? LOL

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    • That’s a good one Yas, you are right I don’t know of any other example, that’s why I was quite amazed we managed to work well together to raise ebola awareness.

      In a way it is a good indication that we can indeed make our society work for us.

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  3. I wonder what the situation would have been had she been like one of those medical practitioners that simply do not care. May her soul rest peacefully in the Lord. Thanks for writing this Sis.

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  4. Hi Fola, thank you for bring this to our attention. I did not know about the works of Dr. Adadevoh.

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  5. What a very Beautiful Pearl in the Desert!!!! Some Monkeys with the ” Widow Go and Die ” legacy are now Leaders and Opinion molders !!!! Not the Likes of Dr. Adadevoh!!! DEFINITELY REMARKABLE R. I. P.

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  6. Thank you for posting this remembrance – my thoughts and prayers too for all members of the medical profession who stand on the front line against the terrible diseases that can become global epidemics. There are few people more truly ‘Human’ than Doctors.

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    • Thank you.

      Ha, you’ve just reminded me of many, many medical professionals and volunteers both within and outside the continent who helped to curb the spread of the ebola virus – without them, heaven knows what will be our fate today in world’s family.

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