Nigeria 2016 census

Nigeria is due for another census in 2016. I hope this time we’ll do a thorough job given improvement in technology.

Our census has always been controversial. There are speculations that folks hype the number in regions for the sake of getting bigger allocation.

From my experience, folks in rural areas take census seriously, census representatives go from house to house asking questions and filling the forms on behalf of the villagers. My parents talked about how diligent the census agents were in 2006.

A family member residing in another state were told to go to specific centres allocated to them to get counted. Many people had to put up with this as they were keen to get their community represented.

Looking at the questions from 2016 Nigeria 2006 Census Questionnaire I think lots of very useful questions were asked that should have helped in decision-making. 

The last part of the questionnaire were important questions on: Income, Education background, toilet facilities, access and type of water supplies etc 

If questions such as these were answered accurately, it will help to see prevalent living conditions of most Nigerians.

People want to cooperate with the government to get counted but the process need to be simple enough to encourage participants – asking people to give up a whole day so as to be counted is counter-productive as many people will not be bothered. Hopefully, the NPC will by now learn from the past, it will be fantastic for once to have less controversial census.


Nigeria 2006 Census Questionnaire

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  1. In countries as big as Nigeria, it will be challenging to get 100% census I think. Villages …public access. I hope the government goes to the rural areas, leaving no one out.

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  2. Looking forward to another census and praying the results are used for people-focused programmes, plans and management of resources

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  3. Many people in the urban centres have no regard for government and as such are unwilling to co-operate with the government. The challenge for the government is to demonstrate that they can make a meaningful change in people’s lives, then people will take them more seriously.

    My main point is that states with the smallest population should be given more, this will encourage those with the largest populations to slow population growth, and will result in a redistribution of population away from already overburdened regions to regions with lower population. Those whose populations are out of control should have their allocation cut or kept the same level they were allocated previously, no allowance for inflation.

    The aim is to encourage local officials to report accurate data, and to encourage slower population growth, something that is managed.

    Thank you FK.

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    • That is a good point jco, I never thought of it that way, that the government should do the opposite of what the greedy politicians wanted – reduced allocation for over populated regions, that is so sensible!

      For example last week 7 women were helped with finances by the local chief to get married at the IDP camp in Maiduguri! What happens to do the couples do whatever they liked, chief educate on the obvious need for birth control and provide free contraception/other measures then use the money for skill acquisition?

      I think the news about census should be widely advertised and intentions explained to people, so that when the reps visited, everyone knew what it is for.


      • Sensitising the people for the need for an accurate census is only half the job, the next thing that should follow on is that government should provide dates by which noticeable services will be delivered and if it isn’t some sort of sanction should be levied on the local government/authority.

        Why do chiefs have to put their noses into people’s affairs and marry them. If the people requested the chief to do that – no problem, but if not. Chiefs should mind their own business, it is no crime to be a single adult. What gives, such interference should not be tolerated.

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        • The guys who came to my area did this, my village was used as their base. They were around for about a week and were given a place to sleep next door to my parents. News sent around neighbouring villages so people are aware of dates.

          The idea of imposing fines on local government could work as it is their responsibility to coordinate people in their area.

          Let’s hope NPC collects feedback to make improvement.


  4. They have cut back on the census in Canada. This was a foolish decision by our government. They don’t have accurate information about what is going on in our country either. Hopefully, we will get a new goverment after our election in the fall and they will reinstate the census.

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