Diaspora and excess baggage

This guy cracked me up big time! It is a situation that lots of Nigerians and indeed Africans in diaspora is familiar with.

The more one helps, the more is expected.

The talk about sending money to help family back home is very common among diasporas especially for the first generation to live and work abroad. Yawning to help more is unanimous regardless of age.

To put it in perspective, diaspora contribution to African economy is well documented, in 2013 Nigeria diaspora remitted $21 billion, that is financial help alone. Many go further by contributing time, energy and expertise towards community development projects.

However, sometimes the requests get a bit too much, here’s a perfect example of how diaspora vent:

Many people can relate to this, however after the vent, we are more likely to still help as many family members do genuinely need assistance.

PS: The video is in Yoruba, the narrator has just been called to help yet another family member who has been admitted to the hospital due to typhoid (typhoid is very common in Nigeria due to poor hygiene), the same lady was knocked over three weeks earlier by a car – so this time brother has had enough of Nigeria palaver! Very calm on the phone but made up his mind to stay away for a while for sanity sake.

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  1. Don’t understand much except for some English words but his expression is priceless 🙂

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  2. I understood a bit of what he said and laughed so hard! You really should write it out word for word!

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  3. You should have transcribed what the man said joor! I can only imagine LOL

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