All male team

I am all for the best person for the job. I also believe that gender inequality in Nigeria is well and alive to our disadvantage.

While there are numerous issues confronting Nigeria today, I see inclusion of women in all important decision-making processes too important to be put aside.

To have all male entourage accompanied President Buhari to the United States, 33 of them without one single woman is absurd.

Can we honestly say we have no women qualified enough to be on this trip? Of course not.

Imagine if the issue of FGM or child bride came up during the trip? I bet they’ll all scratch their heads and beg to take a break and quickly call up Mama/Wife for updates.

It just does not add up.

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  1. Displays one aspect of how Nigeria is ill-equipped to deal with the requirements of political office.

    People can make all the right sounds when assuming office, but the neglect or disregard of catering to half the population can not be excused, obviously the spokesperson or advisor are ill-informed.

    Let’s hope other aspects of the government work properly.

    Why so many personnel, to travel overseas? Are they really necessary, no doubt they will be claiming expenses to the max. What did each of these personnel achieve?

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    • That’s the hope for now that at least something tangible will come out in the end.

      With regards to the number of personnel, no idea why we needed a village for this trip but I have an inkling that trust is still a big issue. There’s always waste of resources where tribal politics is practiced.


  2. No comments on this one my President. But just a nagging question, should cultural/traditional behaviour be relegated to the back when it comes to political matters and forward-thinking meetings that would require female presence?

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  3. I can just see all the faces of the women that voted GMB into office, a majority of them did so at great pains of being denied the usual vote inducung gifts of wrappers and salt and rice. They turned their backs on the bountiful largess from the other party (Oh & umbrellas too), just to vote for this CHANGE. I am not counting yet O, I am still praying he will do something about this present daily Boko Haram bombings killing people everyday & please stop his party goons from congratulating him for winning over towns from the insurgents GEJ’s govt had already won months ago. I didn’t here GMB say these town were never won over by GEJ, I didn’t here him say he lost the town either, only to hear the towns have been won over, AGAIN.

    This shunning of women is quite expected for me sha, he is an old school Hausa/Fulani man, it is his tradition, don’t be fooled…. The one that really gets to me (I just wonder if you people have noticed) GMB doesn’t shake female hands (at least not locally)

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    • Sad, abi? But GMB shook Oshio Baba new Cape Verde’s bride at the wedding – is that only for photo shoot or the lady too fine to ignore the handshake?

      Well, GMB is in good company with shunning women. Educated Yoruba women is almost the same with the men and have commonsense to go with it, still we are lagging behind terribly. Even most who are deputies are reduced to stereotypical role of nodding along and making arrangement for yet another Aso Ebi events.

      Given where Boko Haram is situated, we would not have much choice but to ‘do something’ to put end to the killings as we pose too much danger to our neighbours. Hopefully, GMB has secured USA/international help on that.

      On the endless congratulatory messages of GMB/APC victory – What can I say, even the educated grown men/women are forking out money on that and minutes later they’d moan about being poor.

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  4. Sad to have women excluded. Sorry to say, it is a huge loss as women can often give insights men do not grasp or see. 😉

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  5. Wa-a-ay off track! I concur. Who will ransom us, even as we fight the war on corruption?


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  6. Fola, it is a constant battle even in the west. Keep up the good fight.

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