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We still hope for change in Nigeria. When murders of all citizens get appropriate investigations it deserves and justice served – I know change is truly here.


My nephew and I were recently chatting about the state of things in our tertiary institutions. He is a year one student at OAU (Obafemi Awolowo University), well, in a normal world he would have been in year 2. He had since beginning of his course of study spent 6 solid months at home courtesy of ASUU strike actions. When the last strike ended we all rejoiced but I was quick to warn him that another one is round the corner as that is the way the system has been operating for the best part of 20 years. Anyway this time, OAU is closed because students protested the high increase of tuition. If it wasn’t that, it sure will be something else, this time we don’t know yet how long OAU students will be at home. Well, since the state governorship election is round the corner, the word on the street was that…

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  1. Fola, if it weren’t for you, I never would have known about this. This too happens here. They sweep things under the rug and hope people will forget about it. We have a problem with our indigenous women being murdered and disappearing. By talking about it brings it out for a reminder that there are bad things happening and this needs to stop. We must not be silent or it will continue.

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