‘Hyena’ of Southern Malawi

One day culture will not be enough of an excuse to commit crime against young girls, soon I hope.

Sharing her story, Memory Banda, a young woman from Malawi who managed to repel the terrible culture of ‘sexual cleansing’ of young girls in her community by an ‘hyena’ – an elderly man wandering from village to village getting paid by the victims’ community to violate girls as young as 11 years old in the name of culture. Some of this girls get pregnant as a result of the first time cleansing.

Ms. Banda’s own little sister got pregnant by the ‘hyena’ man at 11 years old,  at sixteen she already had 2 husbands and three children.

Child bride, I have heard about plenty of time but a man coming round to violate young girls with parents and community’s permission – this is so sickening.

Not sure about the ‘hyena the service man’ but Nigeria definitely has child bride issue in common with Malawi and I hope enough girls can watch this and realise they do have a choice to speak up.

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  1. wonderful to hear and inspired

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  2. Fola, this young woman is a true visionary. She speaks so well and discusses the issues with such insite.
    She has a mission and she will be heard. I wrote a song called “Ecoutez-moi” It is in French and it means “Listen to me” but it defends the girls rights to an education. I never thought about the child bride and I never knew about the initiation camp issues. That is so heart breaking. How can a young girl be a mother before she has grown up?
    Thank you for bring this out to me.

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  3. Oh God! This really is sickening. Culture was something that was supposed to build us up and create peace and harmony but rather, it is tearing us down. Thank you for the enlightenment.

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  4. Reblogged this on Adejokeiyabadan's Blog and commented:
    This is So -Sickening

    Child bride, I have heard about plenty of time but a man coming round to violate young girls with parents and community’s permission – this is so sickening.

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  5. Not just the girls speaking up, how about the mothers? Why would they either neglect or turn a blind eye to someone harming their children. When it comes to the well-being of your family or preserving the local culture. I know culture would be kicked into the bin without a second thought. F*** culture!

    Culture is the all-encompassing term used to inflict misery on people and it can all go unchallenged, because it is “culture”. Culture has a place, but there must definitely be limits to how far culture can be taken.

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    • I think mothers who have themselves gone through this procedure probably don’t think they had any other choice but with information flowing about now, the children at risk will have to force their mothers to share the truth about how they felt after the ‘initiation’

      Agree, I do hope more mothers join the campaign in their local communities.


      • The thought of some wretched old man, deflowering your daughter doesn’t bear thinking about. Parents are meant to protect their children. Even birds, dogs and cats fiercely defend their offspring, when they suspect danger. Yet we have human beings surrendering their kids to all sorts of harm in the name of ‘culture’. I think the parents may have taken leave of their senses.

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        • Who knows what other cruelty done to fellow human beings we are yet to learn about?

          With parents, I bet many women must have felt disgusted in the past, but just didn’t know the way out especially if there is punishment attached. Thankfully, there is hope now.


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