Month: July 2015

Dirty linen

I read this headline last week on Punch Newspaper: Suspected homosexual rapist shot dead in riot Predictably, Nigerians were to see ‘Homosexual’ + ‘Dead’ to mean no public sympathy or murder investigation is required, after all, homosexuality is illegal. However, comments… Read More ›

Duck eggs

If I had a kobo for every myth I was fed growing up, I’d have plenty of it by now. Debating with adults with reasons makes them nervous as it is often mistaken for questioning authority. There is a tale of vultures (Igun) as forbidden… Read More ›


What’s in a name? I’m told family name is important, not only because they tell important ancestral stories but also it makes tracing lineage a lot easier. While it is common that many generations bear the same family name in Nigeria,… Read More ›


Fascinating talk about bamboo usage in building construction. As in many tropical regions, bamboo forest is very common in the south of Nigeria, they grow effortlessly usually near swampy areas or streams. I remember my father made our outside kitchen from bamboo… Read More ›


Is it true that Nigerians lack moral and intellectual capacities to tackle human rights violations? A friend recently told me of an elderly man who had a stroke, she was not sure if the allegations of the man’s niece as the cause of… Read More ›

Who is AfriKa?

Originally posted on Folakemi:
My nephew and I were recently chatting about the state of things in our tertiary institutions. He is a year one student at OAU (Obafemi Awolowo University), well, in a normal world he would have been in…