Looking inward to increase sub-saharan Africans’ lower than average IQ

Professor Drew Fraser 2005 views on multiculturalism in Australia attracted quite a few heated debates as the Professor of Law was convinced Sub-Saharan Africans has never developed due to their lower than average IQ.

Debates on people of certain race being more intelligent than others is not going away anytime soon even when it is clear the assertion is baseless.

At 2:00 Prof. Fraser asks people to use the search engine to get up to date information to back up his views.

Wait for it… listen to what he has to say in 5:24

Why am I not upset about Prof Fraser’s views?

When the Prof is bored with seeing too many Sub-Saharan Africans up his alley, he goes online to search for current news on Nigeria leaders, below is what he sees:

This event happened in November last year when one of our lawmakers was prevented from entering the National Assembly.

Maybe we need to look inward and start to use our lower than average IQ to hold our lawmakers accountable.

Waste of time arguing with the likes of this Prof.

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  1. Good one FK, I didn’t listen to the Prof but read through your post and I agree with you that we should hold accountable, not only the law-makers and politicians, but ourselves too to make the needed impact and stop trading tirades with people like this.

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  2. People in positions of responsibility should act and think carefully, Professor Fraser obviously doesn’t like black people and was hoping that Australia will be a white sanctuary and because it isn’t he is clearly calling for it to become one like the erstwhile Afrikaaner state in South Africa that people were at one time calling for. People who don’t have time or the inclination to spend hours uncovering the big picture will latch onto what he says as fact and will use that to form their opinions of others, in this case blacks.

    For the record, I don’t believe that black people are any more or less intelligent than other kind of human being.

    FK as you rightly pointed out, when we look to Africa or any other black country we see sights that don’t leave us feeling encouraged. You know what I mean, I’ve mentioned this before and feel no need to repeat it, it is glaringly obvious. The sad thing is that the antics of the political class across Africa and the black world, give ammunition to those who choose to look down on black people. To make things worse one group of black people will claim to be ‘better’ than others. I’ve heard it myself, even amongst my ‘own family’. ‘Haters are gonna hate’, what else is there to say.

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    • They do give ammunition, don’t they? And as long as Nigerians keep quiet, too afraid to point out when our leaders are getting out of order, the insults continue.

      Ha, no sane person believes one race is more intelligent than the other. Whenever I heard this I think about the situation in Nigeria between the villagers with less than ideal educational opportunity and the many city dwellers who have access to robust and quality education.

      You’ll love this, it’s positive news (I think) and let’s wait and see if others join in – El Rufai of Kaduna has declined to participate in the tradition of dishing out free food during Ramadan on the ground that the state is too poor also that state and religion shouldn’t be mixed together.

      Kano last week ‘opened’ Ramadan with 220M naira dedicated to centres to dish out free food during Ramadan.

      I found El Rufai’s move appealing, let’s hope when pilgrimage comes round, he will maintain the same stance.


      • Give ammunition!! You can say that again, I’ve read some aspects of a blog, that if nothing else makes one realise how we are viewed by some people in the world (by what proportion I don’t know).


        and this specifically about Nigeria.


        Scan down for Nigeria, a lot of what he says I would say is not a lie, personally I’ve never seen dead bodies left in wrecked vehicles, but other than that I can’t disagree with the guy.

        We will see how long El Rufai will maintain this stance. He is a politician and his first priority is to take care of himself and his interests.
        If Muslims (or any overtly religious group) are so concerned about their hungry brethren, why not invite them into their homes and share a meal? The state doesn’t need to involve itself in such acts especially when they are bankrupt. ‘Cost cutting’ should be the name of the game, getting ‘the most bang for the buck’ is where the emphasis on economic management should lie.

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        • Makes one think…

          The guy really came down on us… that’s okay. Even the dead bodies, I have seen, sadly. Robbing dead body? I’ve heard of ghost staff in our offices though – same difference!

          California is hot spot for Nigeria politicians to show off – only if they knew they are just validating Robert’s assessment of their 71 IQ.


  3. This is a real eye opener. Thank you for sharing it

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  4. This Prof. is totally out to lunch. What a biggot.

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