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Nigeria is one big basket case.

The more you look, the less you see saying is true.

News report about Nigeria lawmakers’ pay is the latest talk in town. The one that got Nigerians talking most wast the speculation of Wardrobe allowance of ₦506,000 for each senator (not clear if this is monthly/annually or for he duration of 4 years in office) RMAFC disputed the figure but yet to release official one.

Even if it were to be just what we have here, why should a country with more than 60% of the population living in abject poverty pay this absurd amount of money so lawmakers could come to work in clothes?

To put things in perspective, here:


This absurdity is not new, however there was hope that the new government would affect change from day one in the office, but it seems the country is in for a very long ride.

With someone like Senator Ben Bruce-Murray and his passionate speech  about how he’d use his time as a newly elected Senator to push for fair pay that reflects Nigeria economic situation – Nigeria youths were building up hope. 

“Nigeria is too poor for the leaders to act like multi billionaire and Nigeria is too rich for people to be so poor.” Ben Bruce-Murray

Nothing the senator said was new but if felt nice to hear it coming from someone who is going in with awareness to people’s concerns.

After the Wardrobe Allowance announcement, one of the first stop was to ‘poke’ Senator Bruce-Murray to start the work he promised Nigerian youths.

Today the Senator regained his voice to say a lot but nothing that youths wanted to hear.

Then Senator Ben Bruce-Murray came up with something that basically means nothing is changing at all. He is accepting the Wardrobe Allowance and here’s what he had to say:

How convenient – Why must we ‘rob Peter to pay Paul?

Where is change?

**post updated to reflect the released allowance figures 

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  1. FK, from what I can gather institutions in Nigeria have many allowances they ‘dish out’ to their employees. In a nation like Nigeria this will almost always be abused. As for the civil servants, be they at the top or the bottom, would it not be a good idea to complete do away with any allowances, and just pay a base salary. The money saved could be used for better purposes, make the whole process transparent.

    All this bureaucracy and jargon that is often thrown about the place is just another layer of complexity designed to cover the rampant theft/misuse of public funds. Its like a merry-go-round, the last one was the oil subsidy affair and so on and so on. Scrap the allowances and you will see the senators and other government officials will still eat, and will not be naked and will have access to utilities that many people that they rule over can only dream about.

    Sometimes, one can get tired of all the b***s**t that circulates.

    As for Murray-Bruce, I didn’t understand why he will give half of his allowance to someone from Osun? Its early days, but so far he is proving to be a deflated balloon.

    What will the APC do to revive the unhealthy economy especially in states with alarming levels of poverty? This is what the press should be pushing for.

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    • As you said the real issue is lack of transparency and it is just about anything they do really. I agree, there are lots of non-sensible speculations going around and it all boils down to people making up stories to push for the truth.

      Well, Senator Murray-Bruce perhaps felt he needed to appease his followers but his solution didn’t ‘cut it.’

      Whatever APC decided to do, I just hope it would be a solid poverty eradication program weaved into existing law so any future party in the office can follow.


      • Thanks for the reply, I checked the source of the data ie the Economist


        What the lawmakers are attempting to get away with crazy. The economy of Nigeria is nowhere near the size of Britain or France or Germany, yet the lawmakers are paid more for results that are too bad to think about. Why is this not stopped immediately. If we are using America as the standard, then what Nigeria’s lawmakers make should be in proportion to how large or small Nigeria’s economy is in relation to the US, that being the case they would be taking a pay cut of considerable proportions because Nigeria is many times poorer than America. Is this the democracy that Nigerians were calling for when the military ruled the show? What has happened?

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        • Well, they have been getting away with for a very long time, hence we are here now.

          I think it all started with seeing our politicians as another mini gods that is above the law…

          When, something will have to give…eventually


  2. The Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission published the official remuneration of public officers on their site: http://www.rmafc.gov.ng/assets/frontend/resources/All/MVP1409052881.pdf. Some figures are missing, but the Wardrobe allowance for lawmakers is far below $87,000, assuming their figures are correct. The Economist needs to explain their figures perhaps, but Sanusi Lamido raised similar fears during his tenure in the CBN.

    I think Ben Murray-Bruce social media team needs to take it down a notch or two.

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    • Thank you.

      The link you sent show allocations for 2007 – 2009.

      The new allocation people are talking about is for 2015 – 2016, the new figures $108k each for HoR and $87k each for Senator. This is not in public yet. Senator Ben Murray-Bruce is asking for it to be released to the public.

      You may be right that the figure is less, however when there’s secrecy, there is bound to be inaccuracies in reports.

      But you can see why this may be true given the Senator’s reaction.

      I kind of liked that we have someone who is clear headed most of the time to express himself, I bet it will be difficult for him if he is in minority…


      • I hope they publish the new figures also.

        I think Senator Bruce has a long way to go yet in lawmaking, as he’s a first-time senator. So far, in my view, he seems to be saying the things that will get him in the news (he retweets every mention of himself in the online papers and has never replied any tweet at him), or get people interested. I will rate him when he raises motions and bills on the floor.

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  3. Fola, good to bring this out in the open. I dare say, there are many in your country who share the same frustration.
    Nigeria isn’t the only basket case. There’s Greece and believe it or not, USA and Canada aren’t doing all that well. We have corruption among the leaders who think they are the Emperors of the kingdom. We just have to keep exposing their excesses and hopefully someone among them will have a conscience and make the changes necessary.

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  4. Lols… This is indeed ridiculous. As you’ve said, we’re in for a long ride while our president has already said that his age will limit his performance. I worked in my little capacity for this new government to emerge, I hope they’re not going to be another disappointment. Nigeria can’t afford to be preying on herself while other countries persistently think on moving forward. This is 21st century for God’s sake and we need to grow up!

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