Hope on the horizon for Osun State workers

While I think Governor Aregbesola has set Osun State in good path for years to come especially with the new public school buildings across the state, (fingers crossed they will all be functional soon), also the apprenticeship schemes such as the handset assembly factory etc. I still could not understand why state workers are left in limbo. I hope our governor and his team aren’t paid for these past seven months either – only fair.

Not sure what the federal government is doing with this but I think this attitude of owing staff must stop as in the end everyone suffers.

Thankfully, most people in the state rely on farming and trading for a living otherwise it would have been worse. However, after seven months of non-payment, now even non government staff are feeling the pinch as spending behaviour has changed.

My old lady is owed for food stuff – she doesn’t give in to selling for credit easily but everyone is aware of what is going on so makes it harder to turn good people down – Please Ogbeni pay salary o!


I hear all about reduced federal allocation, but we all see this long ago – hardly enough reason to keep begging. Eebu alo ni t’ahun…

On a lighter note:

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) representative on the weekend called on christians to bring food to the church to help fellow members get through hard time.

This is a brilliant initiative coming from the church, quite pleased to hear.

Thinking about it, three of the most renowned Nigerian televangelists have their roots in Osun state and are all in favour of Ogbeni during the last campaign and plenty of ‘courtesy visits’ photos to show for it.

If CAN is going to call ordinary people to help, I hope the church would loose the purse strings too – after all it is all about saving life for Christ.

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  1. My President, in Osun it is 7 months abi? In Akwa Ibom it is over a year now. My sister inlaw lectures (won’t say the school) and hasn’t been paid for that long but she keeps going because she enjoys the impact teaching has on the students and she’s a young lady by the way with family. Imagine that plus she has to fuel the car to get to where the school is daily. It is well o! I’ll call her today to find out if there’s goodnews with this new adminstrator.
    Feed you back later.

    How are you?

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  2. Personally, I have no tears to shed for these state governors. Even before reduced allocations, most embarked on projects that were too ambitious for the allocations AND internally-generated revenues they collected, and Osun never had much in the case of the latter. In addition, there were and still far too many political appointees who are feeding fat on the meager resources of the state, including those with not much before appointments suddenly putting humongous mansions.

    Where did the money come from?

    I think Nigeria is just awaking to a nightmare even though my long-held belief in Buhari remains. You can see the PDP re-emerging from the ashes through wily ways they’ve perfected but APC made its bed by encouraging PDPers to join the party.

    Osun is in serious trouble because it is one of the poorest states in the country but I personally saw no evidence of that in the last few years: free school uniforms even when parents had always been willing to do that under the free elementary and high schools scheme. Ditto free lunch.

    Populist schemes are good but they must be weighed against – among other reasons –
    1. Available resources;
    2. The gains versus the loss.

    The simple old adage readily comes to mind: do not bite more than you can chew.

    Osun people are really suffering. Like the woman who sells credit you mentioned, people are skipping going to hospitals and even buying simple medications.

    Where Nigeria is headed is not clear, but a good place to start looking is the ove-bloated executive arm of government: cut the number of ministries as Buhari is already doing which will reduce numbers of ministers, commissioners, et cetera and a veritable minefield of looting will be plugged.


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    • Thank you Mrs Adenle. What more can I say? And with no end in sight, it is troubling.

      Yes, worrisome what is going on at the federal level now. I agree, Buhari is a better choice when paired with the last president no doubt.

      W’ll see what happens in the next month…


    • @FK, thanks for the insight into the state of affairs in Nigeria. Do you think that once this immediate crisis is over, lesson will have been learned so that Nigeria will no longer return to such a dark time as now economically speaking?
      Even though President Buhari appears to be doing the right thing, I see people are understandably guarded about the future.

      @Emotan77, this was a very clear write up about the state of the nation, and what is going on a the various tiers of government. Let the shake out continue. Even with the shedding of excess staff, waste will continue to occur. Thank you for taking the time to lay it all out.

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      • Thanks jco –

        Nigeria as a whole would not learn until people see Buhari recovering some of the loots followed by stripping the rogues off their titles which would be tricky as some of his supporters are arms deep in corruption too.

        When this is done, there is hope in sight for us economically as the fund can be used for infrastructural development.


  3. Good post Fola. I don’t think we hear enough about what is going on in your country.

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