Mrs Marcus Bulk

Such a nice feeling to receive an email from the ‘bank,’ an assurance that means my inheritance is protected from corrupt bank managers.


I am Mrs Marcus Bulk, .

“In accordance to my religious persuasion, I felt expedient to write and inform you on the wicked conspiracy hatched by the duo of Prof.Sanusi Lamido and Barrister Kiamu of the Ministry of Finance to divert your money to their designated account in Europe .

From my position as a lowly clerk in this office, I discovered that they moved the fund from Africa to Spain and then moved it last week to Banco Italiano in ITALY . Today I found out through the Central computer database that they are about to reroute your fund to a security company in London . With this, I felt that it is important for me to alert you on this development.

They are still using your name and contract/inheritance identification number as the beneficiary but they have changed the account co-ordinate and this is the reason they are frustrating you by asking for endless fees in order to buy time pending on when they will transfer your funds to their designated account in cayman islands. I have the reference number of the transaction and also I have the number of the official who is directly in charge at the SECURITY COMPANY in LONDON .

Your payment is supposed to go through the London credit control financial clearing house before finally Lodge in the security company there in London . All the data about your claim profile are within my reach.

I do not need gratification from you either in cash or kind. I can never be a part of evil because the bible said YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.

Please respect my discretion in this matter, you can send an email to me so that I can give you the reference number and the name and contact information of the officials of the security company in London .  I repeat, please do not expose my person, it is not easy to get jobs around here and I cannot contend with these powerful individuals because they can eliminate me just like that.

God bless you

Mrs Marcus Bulk, <>”

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  1. Lol, every year they come up with fresh ideas and angles to scam people. You’ve got to give it to them for their resilience and ingenuity; Nigeria would be far ahead (economically and socially) if these scammers could use their skills in positive ways

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  2. People can laugh off the internet fraud/scamming going on, but viewed from the outside, Nigeria on the internet has a terrible reputation.

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    • Isn’t that guy Robert something! I wish I could disagree with what he said, but he’s right and I think Nigerians are so used to hearing about 419/scammers that we don’t think about it anymore, but when you meet new people and introduced yourself, the first thing that popped into their mind is Nigerian scammers!

      Oh, just this evening I read on the news about a young lad somewhere here, that killed himself because (again) a group of Nigeria teenagers wanted £3000 from him or else they’d reveal his personal photos of him online – they did because the poor guy could not get that fund for the scammers.

      Very sad, I know Nigeria wouldn’t take this seriously, unless British followed up.


      • No one likes their heritage to be portrayed this way, but when the antics of some are left unchecked or condoned, then society brings this derision on itself, and then they turn round and cry foul or racism. For businesses that provide services ‘reputation’ is everything, but Nigeria have willingly sacrificed that.
        I’ve not heard the story of that unfortunate fellow, but praying on the vulnerable by intimidation can not be excused.

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  3. I am still writing my reply, might take many days…….

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  4. This caused me to feel sorry for people just trying to “get by” in Nigeria.
    If you place your money in a local bank, no one knows what will happen to your savings, due to poor regulation and a comatose court system.
    If you keep your money at home you are target for armed robbers and inflation will devalue it.
    It seems people are trapped…

    Is this what Nigeria has been reduced to? What is the future for folks there? Is this how they raised their children to tarnish the name of religion by weaving it into their scams?

    This is depressing…

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    • That these guys are well-organised criminals targeting innocent citizens.
      These guys are not the poorest in the country, they just take advantage of the poor social justice system.

      Youths perhaps follow what works rather than them being taught to use religious affliation for scam.


  5. I had a good laugh! I used to get appeal letters for ill or dying family member and they funds. Also another type of letter is I have “struck” lottery and I have to pay X dollars to release the “millions” I won! Ya!! Right!!! LOL!

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  6. They just won’t give up , will they?

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  7. Please don’t expose my person too! LOL. Well done FK.

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