Speed to feed hungry roads

On the motorway going 70mph, it felt a bit too quiet after a friend called about her 82 years old father’s passing.

“Can’t talk, promise to call back in the evening” I cut in after hearing the reason for the call. I can already tell the funeral preparation is underway.

Mind drifted to the last time I heard about her father, he was a nice man. Then, I remember he had a car accident a while back that killed one of the passengers, that was a terrible one, the passenger was a family member.

“When was the last time your father sat behind the wheel?” I asked my friend when she told me of the fatal accident. I knew he always had a personal driver.

“Only started driving after retirement.” She responded. He has always had a personal driver.

God, help me I must stop this line of thoughts, before I ran into someone.

I stopped. Then turn on the radio.

Off the radio.

The silence became unbearable, so paid attention to my surrounding. I forgot how noisy it can get no the motorway, cars flying by.

Then I remember only a week ago that I encountered my very first psychic, my taxi driver. I had kept my peace initially but thought I’d tell my day’s story to a complete stranger.

I was at the supermarket to pick up a few items but discovered at the till that I had lost my car key, how could that be? How?

“The angel took the keys from you because you were not meant to drive” he says. “Ok” I responded.

Following driver’s recommendation – relax and think about how to replace the keys.

I felt better.

That was a week prior to the road trip.

I must focus but not before making a quick mental calculation of my chances of survival if I did not pay attention to what was going on around me. Well, given most drivers flying by were going between 70/80mph – I could be a dead meat.

Focus, I did.

Thinking about how it is in Nigeria:

Nigeria FRSC can be annoying sometimes, but I am glad that their presence has forced dangerous drivers to slow down therefore reduction in road fatality but we still have a very long way to go.

While the FRSC monitors the highway, how do you get the neighbourhood drivers to apply common sense while driving?

Only about two weeks ago a middle-aged man from Ile Ife visiting a friend in my town late in the evening killed an Okada man (motor cyclist). The bus driver has been driving way too fast and oblivious to other road users.

The driver ran away from the scene of accident leaving the deceased man in the pool of his own blood. Passersby applied the only way they knew the dead person could get justice – Jungle Justice. The bus was burnt.

Apparently the bus belonged to a politician not the dangerous driver, oh well.

Either way the innocent life wasted because of someone’s dangerous driving,, the driver now back on the road walking free.

In January this year, 11 women from Madam P home state were killed during campaign drives – the incident was terrible news for anyone with blood running through their veins but what is also sad and perhaps terrifying was the reactions of lots of Nigerians about this accident. People completely ignored the dangerous drivers and turned it to another political fights. Here

Even if all Nigeria roads are state of the art tomorrow, people still need to learn to take responsibility for their actions while on the road.

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2 replies

  1. My President, I need you to stop all forms of driving now that the elections are close at hand.Haba! What are you worrying about?

    As for the drivers, most of them should be in psychiatric homes and held until proper evaluation and treatment have been carried out. Inbetween doing the drinking test.

    Glad you are okay.

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    • Thank you my Queen! The driving was necessary o, it was a trip to pay an elderly friend who just had a major surgery a visit, he would have done the same for me 🙂

      LOL – no psychic ward for the insane drivers abeg! We need our mental health patients there. Maybe insane drivers on passenger bus/taxis until they mastered rules of the roads and learn to apply them?

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