Immorality in Nigerians’ Bed

Some friends enter into our lives by sheer coincidence, they stay and it felt as if they have been here for ever. They knew what gets us in stitches.

My friend is one like that. I woke up to this message the other day:

“You people never run out of shocking statements.” 

As a Nigerian, I knew ‘you people’ meant someone completely nuts is on the loose so I proceeded to click on the link – was I right?

I really was not in the mood reading anything related to ‘our’ pastors as most were just painfully sad.

This one wasn’t like any other, that’s a relief.

I didn’t realise what Pastor Olugbenga Oladejo was on about seriously. Not sure any Nigerian is still in doubt about Hell vs Heaven. I used to not believe hell existed but now I do and a real life testimonies to show for it.

Biafra happened before I was born, however I grew up next door to Oba Okunade Sijuade, I was old enough to remember Ijaw and Itsekiri and the ongoing Boko Haram – can it get any hell than that?

Yes, there is hell.

Now, when I got to 5.14 of the clip – I realised Oladejo was talking about a different kind of hell fire – the Hell especially formed for Nigerians married couple whereby women are ‘allowed’ to be on top…

Only that it would be so painful to talk to this guy, I would have asked if there is a separate hell for the unmarried Nigerians who, well have to be in bed too.

I could only watch this video up to  5.15.

Disclaimer: Please clear any hot beverage nearby for danger of spillage.

5.14 “Hell fire for couple who performed immorality on their bed.” Pastor Olugbenga Oladejo

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  2. Some times I wonder why some people even bother quoting the Bible?
    If you can just offer your experience or dream as part of scripture, why bother quoting scripture as it is?

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    • Well, he had to quote the bible because the ‘dream’ was an inspiration of God… I used to get myself wounded up checking scriptures to see if the likes of Oladejo was quoting rightly, not anymore. Now I know they are reading their bibles upside down and people like that can not really be helped.

      Experience? well he will have to go to hell if he had experienced what he was preaching against. How did he know this ‘abomination’ is being practiced? Ha ha…the pastor probably have been watching way too much porn and he thought everyone around him are doing exact same thing…He’ll have to tell us which hell his likes belonged to.

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